Coastal conservation internship in Thailand
Coastal conservation internship in Thailand

Useful information

In the heart of Thailand, do your internship in environmental conservation. This is an opportunity to gain university credits while having a positive and lasting impact on the local ecosystem. The project takes place in the province of Phang Nga, on the coast. An awareness-raising and teaching assignment is also included in the environment and sustainability development course, in order to promote environmental conservation and reinforce the impact of the project on local communities.

Engineering school
Business school
Bachelor's/Master's degree in solidarity and sustainable development
DUT Génie biologique


Phang Nga


Intermediate English


Description of the program

Create a positive impact by participating in the conservation of Phang Nga's coastal ecosystem. With this internship on the environment and sustainable development, gain solid field experience, supervised by experts and environmentalists. This way, you will optimise your practical and environmental knowledge in the heart of the beautiful landscapes of the coastal province of Phang Nga, whose surroundings abound in wildlife. Like all of our environmental internship programs, the environmental conservation project in Thailand allows students to gain university credits while making a lasting impact on the region's ecosystem.

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This project is one of our 'academic' internships:

It includes a more in-depth follow-up with a theoretical part that adds to the practical experience in the field. In addition to receiving the necessary ECTS credits to validate your year, at the end of the program you will obtain an international certification recognised and delivered by the University of Richmond, in the United States. You will have two online course modules to complete before the field mission, to prepare you for the project. During but also after the internship, you will benefit from professional support: a specialised internship supervisor will monitor your work and give you a final evaluation, and you will benefit from access to a portal of job offers in NGOs as well as a recommendation from your internship supervisor on LinkedIn.

Take a closer look at the specifics of this internship as an academic program, and sign up to start a sustainable career via an approved internship!

Three fundamental aspects:

- Helping the local community (mainly through education).

- Biodiversity of the flora and fauna.

- The protection of wildlife.

Volunteers will be given important responsibilities and weekly assignments throughout their training. A mentor member of the coaching team will analyse the progress of each volunteer during the training period. Various opportunities may be available to candidates after successful completion of the training.

The strengths of the sustainable development internship

- Acquire professional skills applicable in all sectors (team management, project management, management, etc.).

- Obtain an exclusive team management training certified by the International Institute of Leadership and Management.

- Participate in the protection of endangered sea turtles, monitor Thai wildlife, clean plastic from beaches.

- Improve environmental awareness throughout the community.

- Contribute to several actions depending on the season, including tropical island biodiversity studies and coral snorkeling studies.

Progress of the environment and sustainable development internship in Thailand

- Conservation projects involve working at our partner turtle research and conservation centre, participating in enclosure enrichment studies, morphological studies, and enclosure cleaning and maintenance.

- You can also participate in various biodiversity research or camera projects on nearby islands, which have remained naturally untouched and sparsely inhabited by humans.

- You will participate in regular beach clean-ups, bird surveys and environmental education classes, as well as other environmental awareness initiatives in the local community. You will learn different research methods and have the opportunity to put them into practice.

- From November to April, you can also participate in the monitoring of coral reefs. Snorkeling is practiced once a week.

- Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in special events with our partners on this internship on sustainable development, such as mangrove planting or summer camps in schools.

Host organization

Our partner organisation sits on the United Nations International Commission on Sustainable Tourism. All their initiatives and volunteer projects are led by experts.
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They act in collaboration with local populations and national governments.

As a non-profit organisation, our conservation project is completely transparent. The volunteer contribution is used to cover the planning of projects on the reserve (reconnaissance, team recruitment and logistical support), direct field costs (transportation, lodging, staff meals) and finally to support the project itself. Without the physical and financial help of the volunteers, this project would not have been possible.


Strong points

Professional input and community support
Leadership and Team Management Certificate
Sustainable development project
Protection of local biodiversity