Divemaster and marine protection course in Belize
Divemaster and marine protection course in Belize

Useful information

This environmental mission abroad offers the chance to protect biodiversity while receiving PADI divemaster training as part of an approved internship. Essential for the planet, coral reefs are threatened by human activity. You will be able to contribute to the conservation of one of the largest reefs in the world, through regular diving sessions, to conserve the rich biodiversity of this marine ecosystem.

Master in marine sciences
Master in marine biology
Engineering school
Veterinary school
Bachelor's/Master's degree in solidarity and sustainable development
DUT Biological Engineering


Ambergris Caye Island


Intermediate English

Description of the program

The base of the environmental mission abroad is located on Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize. It is notably known for being the closest island to the coral reef, and represents the gateway to many dive sites. The accommodation is located around San Pedro, the only town on the island.

As with all of our environmental internship programs, the divemaster project in Belize provides an opportunity to learn, gain university credits and positively impact the region.

mission environnement à l'étranger

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Your environmental mission abroad will begin before you even set foot in Belize. Before your departure, you will receive our pre-program training. Be sure to take this training before you arrive, otherwise you will spend your first few weeks in Belize in front of a computer screen or with your nose in a book. It is preferable that you start the practical training as soon as you arrive on the base. Thus, you will be quickly on the reef and you will carry out data collection or sampling.

A typical day of this course includes research and training. Also expect to participate in the maintenance of the equipment provided for the diving sessions. Each evening, you will meet with the entire team and participants to debrief the day that has just taken place. You will be able to enjoy the idyllic setting and the surrounding beaches during your free time included in this environmental mission abroad!

If you work hard enough, you will have the opportunity to join the other trainees, who will have the same level of diving, to do data collection on the reef.

You will be evaluated again after 12 weeks on the project. If these exams are also successful, the host organisation will find an internship for you in a diving centre that specialises in marine conservation and ecotourism. You will then integrate into the local team, and raise the awareness of tourists and divers. After 12 weeks, you will have gained enough experience to qualify as a divemaster!

Keep in mind that although our goal is to dive as much as possible, weather conditions change quickly in the Caribbean, which means that dives can sometimes be cancelled at the last minute. You will quickly learn, however, that most of the projects that have the greatest impact on marine conservation objectives are on land. You will support these initiatives when you are not diving.

You will receive the diving equipment once on site. We recommend that you complete it before starting the environmental assignment abroad in Belize! You will arrive at our base, located on Ambergris Caye Island, where you will begin your environmental placement.

Host organization

Founded in 1997, our partner NGO coordinates projects around the world. It employs 150 permanent staff in its local branches.
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Our organisation works closely with local organisations on long-term projects. They work only under the supervision of the community leaders and at their request.


Strong points

Become a PADI Professional Divemaster
Discover the second largest coral reef on the planet
Gain experience as a dive guide
Discover Belize