Community and Teaching Internship in Ghana
Community and Teaching Internship in Ghana
Community and Teaching Internship in Ghana

Useful information

Do your humanitarian internship in Ghana, Africa, and contribute to education in the community, especially with children. Gain international teaching experience by teaching English and maths in local schools. You will be immersed in the population, and will have the opportunity to discover a new culture full of history thanks to social exchanges with the locals.

Master MEF
Licence adapted to the MEF master
Bachelor's degree in political science
Engineering school (ISTOM)
Master in solidarity and sustainable development
School of management




English Intermediate


Description of the program

This humanitarian internship in Africa is perfect for law students, social workers, psychologists, educators or anyone who wants to make a lasting difference abroad. Expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone and learn new skills. As with all of our humanitarian internship programs, the Ghana project allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and lasting impact on the local community.

humanitarian internship in Africa

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Project details

A typical day on this humanitarian internship in Africa will include teaching English or maths, working on construction projects, or leading awareness workshops in the form of discussion groups on topics such as healthcare, gender equality, or job skills development. Monday to Friday, you will work on internship projects based on planning and delivering educational lessons in the classroom. You can take advantage of your weekends to explore the area or just relax at the base with your fellow volunteers.

Projects are varied and will be decided by assessing the needs on the ground when you are there. Typical projects you'll be involved in include teaching initiatives, workshops on professional development, healthcare, gender equality or construction projects. This internship is designed to develop your leadership skills, allowing you to develop a variety of soft and hard skills that will make you stand out in the crowd.

The assignment depends on the skills and profile of the participants. A telephone interview and an application (CV and cover letter) will determine the placement of the volunteers on educational projects ranging from childcare to the organisation of extracurricular activities and tutoring / assistance in schools for those with the most training.

Strengths of the project

- Contribute to meaningful and sustainable community development initiatives.

- Earn an ILM leadership certificate.

- Gain practical and international experience to enrich your CV.

- Meet participants from around the world and develop your intercultural skills.

- Explore Ghana and immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture.

So contribute to the education of local communities in Ghana by participating in this humanitarian internship in Africa. Develop your skills while making a positive and lasting impact on the region!

Host organization

Our partner organisation sits on the United Nations International Commission on Sustainable Tourism.
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All their initiatives and volunteer projects are led by experts in collaboration with the local population and national governments. All projects follow medium and long term objectives defined with local partners and respecting the United Nations sustainable development goals.

As a non-profit organisation, our volunteer projects are completely transparent. Volunteer contributions are used to cover project planning (reconnaissance, team recruitment and logistical support), direct field costs (transportation, lodging, staff meals) and finally to support the project itself. Without the physical and financial help of the volunteers, this project would not have been possible.


Strong points

Contribute to community development
Obtain an ILM leadership certificate
Gain teaching experience
Explore Ghana

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