Nursing and medical internship in Malawi
Nursing and medical internship in Malawi

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Go on a nursing internship in Malawi, support the local communities and enrich your skills in the field of medicine. Totally immersed in the work and culture, you will participate in awareness campaigns on the importance of medical care, focusing particularly on AIDS and malaria among disadvantaged children. This internship is an opportunity to gain international experience while participating in a sustainable project. Join a multicultural team and benefit from training with professionals in the health field.

School of Nursing (IFSI)
Nursing Education
Studies in the field of health
Post-bac STI2S




Intermediate English

Description of the program

Since January 2015, Freepackers' Malawi nursing internship has become part of the criteria for French nursing schools, and many groups of student nurses have chosen this destination to implement prevention and outreach workshops with local communities. Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in Malawi allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience and contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to healthcare.

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In Malawi, the majority of the population lives in rural areas, and half live below the poverty line. Access to care is therefore very difficult and expensive. In addition, Malawi is severely affected by malnutrition and, as a result, has a particularly high infant mortality rate. Moreover, it has some of the highest rates of AIDS and malaria in the world.

As part of the nursing internship, volunteers become involved at the local level to combat these problems, particularly through educational and preventative actions, and contribute to improving access to care.

Trainee tasks

The tasks entrusted to the volunteers may vary according to their experience, their wishes and the priorities at the time. The following are different areas in which the participation of volunteers is essential.

Home care

Volunteers organise and lead training sessions for local volunteers. These sessions cover malaria and AIDS prevention, hygiene, drugs, data collection, first aid and rescue, wound care, patient bathing, infection prevention, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, nutrition, tuberculosis, rehabilitation, etc. In addition, we organise regular home visits for patients with chronic diseases. These visits are an integral part of the training of local volunteers.

Wound treatment

In the clinic, volunteers will be in charge of cleaning wounds and dressings with the local health care staff. This part of the work is particularly important here, because poorly treated wounds often lead to the development of very serious infections.

AIDS/HIV information & awareness

You will educate local communities about the risks of AIDS, help them better understand the disease, prevent it, and inform them about treatment options. Volunteers will also lead support groups for AIDS patients. This may include nutritional advice or information on associated diseases.

The Rural Community Hospital

This part of the project is intended for physicians, dentists or medical students. The centre in which we work has several departments in which experienced volunteers can work: day hospital, maternity, nutrition service, laboratory, pharmacy, dental care, etc.

Qualified volunteers will assist local nurses and doctors in their daily tasks. Note that this also includes obstetrical care and consultations, patient visits, wound cleaning and dressings, etc. Experienced laboratory technicians may be assigned specific tasks (blood tests, malaria tests, syphilis, pregnancy tests).

Malaria prevention

This part of the nursing internship consists of assisting local teams in the implementation of malaria prevention techniques, raising awareness among community members in order to avoid contamination. You will also participate in the collection of data on the disease, and the distribution of mosquito repellents to residents.

Unfortunately, this involves very high material costs. In fact, our activities in this sense remain occasional, and are subject to the obtaining of punctual financing. If you would like to make a donation or organise a fundraiser, this initiative would be particularly appreciated!

Daycare for vulnerable children

Here, we work mainly in the morning, and this project is intended for volunteers who want to gain experience in the early childhood sector (e.g. nursery assistants). Volunteers will be able to participate in the activities of a daycare centre to prepare children for school. In addition, interns will assist local educators with English language and teaching skills, health and nutrition awareness, and may participate in our food program as part of the nursing internship.

Host organization

Member of SAYTC and created in 2006, our organisation is based in Cape Town. Its mission is to help South African NGOs involved in communities by finding volunteers for them.
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Our partner NGO also develops programs and sets up funding projects. Included in all international volunteering projects, the volunteers' financial contribution is used to cover accommodation and transportation costs and also includes a donation to help the association continue its projects. In return, volunteers will have the chance to participate in the development of a community, discover the local culture and meet extraordinary people!


Strong points

Gain experience
Provide basic medical care
Educate about the importance of health care
Participate in a sustainable project
Accompany the community towards autonomy
Participate in awareness-raising activities