Training in the environment
Training in the environment

Work in the overseas environment

Take action to protect ecosystems!

Why work in the environment abroad?

We offer many programs to enable you to work in the humanitarian sector, in NGOs on sustainable development. Many are specific to the environment.

Today, ecology is at the centre of all discussions. We must protect the planet and ensure the well-being of its people. To meet these needs, environmental professions are booming. Many training courses exist to work on the protection of the planet. The opportunity to take stock of career opportunities abroad in sustainable development!

Training contributing to the protection of ecosystems

Training for working in the environment abroad takes place all over the world: take part in a project in America, Africa, Oceania or Asia!

This is a professional, formative experience in the field within a multicultural team. Such training is a guarantee of mobility, adaptation and autonomy for your future employers.

Jobs in the environment

Working in the environment abroad is an important contribution on long-term development projects. There are numerous professions around the protection of the environment for those who have an ecological outlook!

From recycling waste to treating wastewater, from preventing industrial risks to protecting biodiversity… Environmental professionals take up many challenges every day.

Via RealStep, we offer in-depth training providing you with all the knowledge and skills to become a nature leader, assistant biologist, guide (national parks, poaching), environmental engineer, and many other exciting jobs!

This program is intended both for professionals wishing to reorient themselves and for students wishing to work in the environment abroad.

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