Amazon conservation training

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The Amazon represents a major environmental challenge these days. An invaluable ecological heritage, for decades human activity has been the main cause of the deterioration of the health of this jewel. Environmental preservation is a challenge to which we try to contribute through continuous training on sustainable development and environmental conservation, which has a positive impact. So contribute to the preservation of the Amazon while gaining professional experience and continuous training in sustainable development in NGOs!

NGO Project Coordinator
Nature Animator
Chargé de mission/environmental study
Environmental consultant
Environmental manager
Forest ranger
Forest engineer
Local developer




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Description of the program

Contribute to the environmental conservation of the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park located in the heart of the Amazon with this continuing education in sustainable development. You will work in immersion in the rainforest, in a camp dedicated to research on local biodiversity: armadillos, sloths, jaguars, pumas, bears, monkeys, ocelots... You will be geographically close to indigenous communities such as the Yanesha and Ashaninka peoples. The training organization that welcomes and trains you works actively in the environmental conservation of the region.

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Like all of our training courses for working in the environment abroad , this project in Peru allows you to benefit from complete learning while contributing to the preservation of the region's ecosystems.

This project is part of the so-called career training:

This vocational training program is part of the so-called “career” projects. In addition to the mission that you carry out on site, it allows you to benefit from real support, and to access the position of project coordinator in 6 months. Here you combine theoretical training with practical learning, with online modules to be completed after the end of the mission. At the end of the program, you obtain an international certification recognized and issued by the University of Richmond, in the United States.

The accompaniment is therefore present upstream, on site but also downstream of the project. During the course of the mission, you will also have a remote project to carry out: you will have to solve a problem with other partner organizations in marine conservation, environment, animal protection... A coach will follow you and support you to help you better in solving these problems, and at the end of the project you will have access to a platform of job offers in NGOs, following the professional training you will have received.

Remote projects included in professional training will be carried out AFTER having carried out the mission in the field.

If your training lasts 4-11 weeks, you will work on a remote project for a period of 4 weeks after completing the field assignment.
If your training lasts 12 weeks or more, you will work on 2 remote projects for a duration of 8 weeks after completing the field mission.

For more information on the employment guarantee conditions, click on the link:

Conditions on the job guarantee

Take a closer look at all the specificities of this training as a career program !

Continuing education in sustainable development in Peru :

The missions of the training participants continue in sustainable development:

  • Collect data on local flora and fauna
  • Track endemic species
  • Placing cameras in strategic locations to analyze wildlife behavior
  • Identify animals and vegetation in the area


You thus contribute to the protection of the environment of the region while acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills in the NGO environment, by following continuing education in sustainable development in Peru.

Host organization

Our training center in Peru offers a secure environment and a local team that takes care of the participants and manages all the logistics of their continuing education in sustainable development.
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Since 1998, they have offered opportunities to participate in programs ranging from education, to wildlife and environmental conservation, to support and development of local communities.

Their values: we are not passive spectators, but we encourage a concrete approach, "we get our hands dirty". The missions require active participation and real commitment. The feedback from our participants is unanimous: "an enrichment beyond my expectations", "a project that changed my life".


Strong points

Contribute to the protection of the Amazon rainforest
Benefit from full training
Observe many species in their habitat
Live on a research base
Access to Job Board
Support from a Career Coach