Youth leader internship in Croatia
Youth leader internship in Croatia

Useful information

Humanitarian association: internship in Split! The second largest city in Croatia, has a special Mediterranean influence that makes it particularly welcoming, comfortable and warm.

Experience as an educator.
Learning of different communication techniques.
Development of the creative spirit.
Intergenerational and intercultural exchange.




Intermediate English

Description of the program

Like all of our humanitarian internship programs, this project in Croatia allows you to gain university credits while making a genuine difference in the community. The Youth Empowerment Project in Croatia is an important development platform for disadvantaged youth who need educational support and assistance with social and interpersonal skills.

humanitarian association internship

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By helping young people learn essential life skills, you can help them increase their chances of thriving and provide opportunities for their future.

You will work in after-school centres and act largely as a positive role model for young people. Daily tasks may include:

  • Homework help
  • Academic support and encouragement
  • Organising artistic and sports activities
  • Help with any general work that needs to be done at the centre.
  • You will also have the opportunity to teach English informally, interacting with the youth at the centre to improve their speaking and writing skills, which is often one of their greatest difficulties.

Host organization

The main goal of the Youth Empowerment Project is to provide young people with a safe and much-needed place after school.
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Academic support, a social centre and a place where they are well taken care of. International volunteers are seen as an important element of intercultural exchange. This is an opportunity for you to bring new perspectives and creativity to these centres and to the lives of the young people who attend.

Strong points

Cultural diversity
Creation of a workshop
Academic support