Canine veterinary internship in Peru
Canine veterinary internship in Peru

Useful information

Be part of an animal population control program where your expertise, knowledge and affection for them will be used to fund vital veterinary services through this animal care internship abroad.

Even if you don’t have the veterinary experience necessary to care for our canine friends, you can participate in this program and show your passion for animals by providing your support and help.

You can bathe them, groom them, walk them, and clean the cages!

Bac pro CGEA
Scientific license
Prépa ATS
ENS Student
Veterinary school
Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Solidarity and Sustainable Development
Studies in the health field




Intermediate English

Description of the program

Peru, like most Latin American countries, has an abundance of stray dogs that are homeless and highly exposed to disease, hunger and animal abuse. With an estimated 30,000 stray dogs in Cajamarca, there is currently no centralised government effort to combat dog overpopulation. Therefore you will contribute to the improvement of their well-being with this animal care internship.

stage soigneur animalier à l'étranger

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Like all of our animal internship programs abroad, this project in Peru allows you to gain university credits while contributing to the protection of animals in the region.

This animal care internship abroad is associated with a local initiative whose main objective is to implement a sustainable and humane animal population control program through a sustainable and inexpensive method of sterilisation. This aims to operate in cooperation with the UNC Veterinary Hospital (the veterinary hospital of the Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, the main institution of higher learning in the city), student associations and national and international participants.

As such, participants in this animal care internship will work with a skilled team of local veterinarians and veterinary students to provide quality veterinary care and education. Some of your duties may include (depending on skill level):

  • Physical examinations
  • Pre-surgical preparation of patients
  • Stitching wounds
  • Assisting veterinarians with surgical procedures
  • Post-surgery: ensuring patient recovery and care
  • Data collection and recording
  • Scheduling
  • Fundraising and communication campaigns.
  • Logistics

Thus, this internship abroad offers you a field experience and at the same time allows you to contribute to the well-being of dogs in Peru.

Host organization

Our partner NGO offers a secure environment and a local team that takes care of the volunteers and manages all the logistics on their assignments.
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Since 1998, they have been offering the opportunity to participate in solidarity programs ranging from education to support and development of local communities, as well as wildlife and environmental conservation.

Their values: we are not passive spectators, but we encourage a practical approach, "get our hands dirtty". The placements require active participation of the interns and real commitment. The feedback from our participants is unanimous: "an enrichment beyond my expectations", "a project that changed my life".

Strong points

Improve the welfare of animals
Actively participate in a sterilisation program
Contribute to the creation of an animal database
Promote cultural awareness and interact with members and organisations