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Considered for some years as a must by some schools and universities, the NGO internship abroad is highly appreciated by recruiters thanks to the qualities and skills acquired by the student in an international context. ...

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The advantages of an internship abroad with RealStep

Professional Development

The NGO internship abroad allows you to acquire a first professional experience abroad. It is an opportunity to discover new working methods, as well as management methods, and to develop new skills. Put your knowledge into practice, in the field, through the various missions you will be given. You will develop initiative, and an ability to adapt to the work that will make you versatile! You also strengthen your language skills on a daily basis. Such experience is recognized by employers today, thanks to the know-how provided. RealStep internships take place in a multicultural team of specialists and experts, who will share their knowledge and experience with you.

Personal Development

These NGO internships also represent an international immersion, and allow you to discover a new culture, a new way of life by living alongside the locals. It is also a guarantee of autonomy, adaptation and maturity to live such an experience. Your project will be punctuated by sharing, with the team, the community and the other interns, which will broaden your vision of the world and make you grow!

Do an internship in an NGO

As part of our programs, we offer internships of at least 4 weeks for students who need to validate specific skills in their field in order to graduate.

Doing an internship in an NGO is also a way to show your commitment. All our projects are missions supporting at least one sustainable development objective. Present on all continents, we contribute to the protection of the environment, species and community well-being.

Our internships are accessible to all levels and cover a wide range of academic fields:

The so-called "academic" courses

Some of our programs offer even more in-depth learning, with a theoretical component. These are the so-called academic internships, which are part of the Internship Program. They thus combine theoretical and practical research.

Academic internships are:

  • Two online modules, to obtain the certification delivered by the University of Richmond (USA)
  • ECTS credits (as in other internships)
  • An internship supervisor, professional and field expert, who evaluates progress throughout the project
  • A virtual meeting with this mentor before the start of the internship
  • Access to the job portal of our partner NGO
  • A LinkedIn recommendation from your internship supervisor


Indeed, each academic internship includes 2 online course modules to be completed before the field mission in order to prepare the student for his project. Upon completion of the module, a certification is awarded to the student by the University of Richmond School of Professional studies, depending on the student's specialty:

  • Careers in Sustainable Development
  • Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders
  • Specialization in (community development/marine conservation/ wildlife conservation)

Other certifications will be awarded to the student as he/she carries out missions on the project during the NGO internship.

This is the best way to start a sustainable career via a subsidized internship abroad!


An internship in NGO with RealStep is :

  • A permanent follow-up
  • A tailor-made investment
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations


Environmental NGO internships

Take action to protect ecosystems!

Medical internship

Acting for access to care for all!

Humanitarian internship

Acting for local communities!

Animal internship

Act for the conservation of species!