Realstep Partners

Our partners

RealStep relies on different organizations in order to reach its objective: to offer you qualitative professional experiences, with a lasting and positive impact. For several years, different structures trust us by relaying our projects. Many higher education institutions advise us to their students who want to get involved in sustainable development for a gap year, an internship or even a training course, as part of their professional career.

Grandes Écoles and Universities

Business schools like IPAG have become over the years one of the partners promoting RealStep to their students. Regularly, students from Grandes Ecoles approach us for training on our projects, and thus leave with us to validate their internship with a rich professional experience in personal development. IPAG is not the only school to send us its students as part of their studies. Indeed, many students in engineering school, students in the field of health, political science or communication have decided to validate their university course on one of our international projects.

IFSI - Nursing Training Institutes

Since 2014, Realstep has sent IFSI and Red Cross nursing students on medical projects in 12 destinations. Students are supervised and assessed by professionals and work immersed in local care teams. The projects are varied: rural dispensaries, private clinics, university hospitals...and accept students from all medical fields: nurses, dentists, physios, physiotherapists, pediatricians, midwives, caregivers, etc. We offer either professional experience to assist healthcare personnel, or awareness-raising / prevention missions with local communities.

Among our partners, we finally find all the organizations and reception structures that ensure on site the smooth running of the various projects. We have been collaborating with partner NGOs for several years, and are in constant communication with them. We thus have several partners throughout the world, and each one implements programs specific to their objectives, access to care for all for example, at their destination, with structures established only within a single country…

Indeed, some NGOs focus on the animal cause, while others focus on environmental protection. Each contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015 (link Info SDG page), and many of them sit on the United Nations International Commission on Sustainable Tourism. Finally, the host structures all have experts, trained staff, in order to transmit real training and transversal skills, within a program contributing to the objectives of sustainable development. Our partners offer to give meaning to your journey.

Finally, training at a price. But we want to offer the opportunity to live a professionalizing experience internationally to as many people as possible, which is why among our partners we now have two structures whose vocation is to help participants finance their project.

Wweeddoo : « ose tes projets ! »

This platform puts in contact all those who wish to launch a professional, solidarity or school project with public and private actors who wish to support them financially, materially or with the most constructive advice.


Globedreamers is also a site that offers a real follow-up of each project thanks to coaches who accompany all those seeking support to realize their experience. It is also a platform for bringing together support researchers and private or public actors who can provide it.


Eco-volontaire is a travel blog that offers travel projects eco-volunteering selected by its creator, specialist and passionate about responsible tourism. Eco-volunteer describes its projects as a form of participatory and committed tourism for the planet. They therefore act as a relay for RealStep training, internships and professionalizing experiences, being a partner with this structure for several years!  


Guidisto-volontariat is a platform giving visibility to organizations involved in sustainable development, private and public. Choosing its partners with care to guarantee the project to the participants, Guidisto trusts us and relays our training on their site since 2018.