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International experience in an NGO: a first step towards humanitarian work
Being part of a sustainable project is a strong and meaningful commitment. Joining a gap year project with RealStep is the opportunity to show this willingness to commit to sustainability while acquiring work experience abroad. ...

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Take advantage of a gap year to immerse yourself in a sustainable project

    International work experience

Our Gap Year programs can be a first professional experience abroad. In concrete terms, it is a practical experience to acquire transversal skills, which will be useful in your future career. The minimum duration is 4 weeks to complete a project, and generally includes some language courses depending on the destination.

This is an international experience, which is all the more enriching and attractive for your professional career. It is a guarantee of mobility and autonomy, which is a requirement in all sectors.

    A commitment

Travelling with RealStep is also committing to sustainable development missions. It is a professional experience in NGO, with a positive and sustainable impact on the local environment, on the local communities. Use your gap year or your holiday to carry out a project that matters to you.

RealStep programs combine personal, professional and sustainable development.

Here are some highlights of the gap year programs:

  • Professional experience during a gap year
  • Acquisition of professional skills
  • First steps in sustainability


Some examples of Gap Year with an impact :

An Gap Year experience with RealStep is:

  • A constant follow-up
  • A tailor-made project
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations


Consult our charter to know our commitments!

To find out the costs breakdown for a Gap Year project for example, go to this page!

Study and work

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Environmental projects

Take action to protect ecosystems!

Humanitarian projects

Acting for local communities!

Animal projects

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