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RealStep does not only offer projects to acquire international experience, but also a whole range of support work, personalized and individual follow-up which allows you to direct you towards suitable missions to give you a unique and optimal experience. We also seek to promote international employment with a positive impact on local communities and their environment.

Choosing RealStep means choosing:

  • Among a wide range of varied programs, spread over thirty destinations around the world;
  • Among three types of experience in professionalizing NGOs: initiation, approved internships, and career training;
  • No application fees for studies and language courses abroad;
  • An upstream follow-up through telephone interviews, to identify the needs, motivations and know-how of the participant;
  • On-site support and permanent supervision;
  • Organized logistics included in the projects (accommodation, meals, transport, etc.)
  • Participate in sustainable development projects that have a positive impact on local communities


RealStep is indeed a transparent organization which is committed to respecting its values and commitments defined in the charter.

Our story

RealStep is the result of the work of a team of enthusiasts who have been collaborating with NGOs for 10 years. Justine Trembicki decides to create this new organization following the many returns of volunteers who left with Freepackers, the first structure of which she is the founder. RealStep was born in response to a growing demand for professional experiences, and thus offers approved internships, degree courses and language courses internationally, with a lasting and positive impact for local communities.

Since 2010, more than €200,000 have been donated to our partner NGOs in order to continue to develop new projects and strengthen the sustainability of our impact.
Through RealStep, we support you in your professional career and offer you an international experience allowing you to develop transversal skills. Because of our experience, we bring you real expertise, in particular thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the field and partner organizations.

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More than 80 programs and 30 destinations are available

Our commitments

We carry out real placement work for each participant. Through telephone interviews, written exchanges and CV analysis, we identify your skills and needs. We match your profile to the project that will allow you to achieve your goals.
We personally know the sites of the training courses, internships and experiences offered. We visited the projects upstream, to ensure the reliability and transparency of each assignment. We are also in permanent contact with our partner structures.
All our projects are international professional experiences. Participants benefit from comprehensive training, both theoretical and practical through field missions. Our programs are internationally recognized and meet the objectives of sustainable development.
Our participants are supervised on site exclusively by experienced professionals who provide in-depth follow-up. Thus, a doctor, a scientist or a nature guide will be responsible for evaluating your progress and supporting you in your professional project.
All projects are ethical missions, acting positively in the field of sustainable development. We collaborate with structures located around the world, which share our values, respect the environment and work hand in hand with local communities.
Our projects have a positive and lasting impact. By training with us, you contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is through your action in the field and your donation included in the costs that our projects continue to develop and strengthen their impact.

The team

We are a team of enthusiasts, who are constantly growing to ensure the most complete follow-up possible, while setting up new programs around the world. Like RealStep, multiculturalism reigns within the group, with people coming from all over: France, Spain, Mexico… This internationalism is a strength that allows us to develop beyond French borders, to offer opportunities professionals to the greatest number!

Justine Trembicki

Program Director

Nicolas Blanc

Project Manager / Advisor

Jaqueline Chávez

International Projects Advisor

Anaelle Aubebaud

International Projects Advisor

Amélie Colonval

International Projects Advisor

Léa Coyez

Content writer

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