Study and work
Study and work

Learn and train abroad!

The Initiation course, an international professional experience

These are professional experiences within the framework of a gap year , sabbaticals or your leave, allowing you to acquire transferable skills internationally by getting involved.

Here we find projects in cultural immersion, combining studies and work .

Cultural immersions combining study and work offer a rich international experience within the framework of a gap year and work. This is increasingly sought after in professional and student paths, because of the many advantages that can be derived from it.

Combine Studies and Work

In gap years combining work and studies, different types are included. All of these programs offer language courses: English or Spanish depending on the country.

In practical terms, it is:

  • Working Holiday, like in Australia
  • Farm experience
  • Jobs and diplomas: university courses and internships

Participants benefit from theoretical learning to strengthen their language skills, which they apply directly in the field through cultural immersion. The gap year for work and studies, field learning and courses, is the ideal combination to have an experience of personal and professional development abroad. Cultural immersion reinforces the gain in autonomy, which is highlighted with your future employers. Our farm projects also have a positive impact on the environment, recognised equally positively by the professional world as a pledge of commitment. This is an opportunity to combine training and a project that is close to your heart in a unique experience!

Ethical projects, visited and certified

RealStep has ensured the ethics of each of our projects, and is committed to the professionalism of the host organisation, which we know personally.

RealStep is:

  • A permanent follow-up
  • A tailor-made investment
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations
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Work gap year: study and work abroad

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