Internship on a humanitarian site in Cape Town
Internship on a humanitarian site in Cape Town
Internship on a humanitarian site in Cape Town

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Go on a humanitarian internship in South Africa and help to emancipate the local youth by contributing to the renovation of a neighbourhood. Gain university credits with this internship on a humanitarian work camp, which takes place in the heart of Cape Town. The objective is to provide new infrastructure to facilitate access to education, so that these young people have access to better living conditions. Your impact is then lasting on the community, as this building project aims to provide better future opportunities for these young people. Join a multicultural team and learn from professionals in the field.

Engineering school
Architecture School
Building and civil engineering training
School for Construction Trades


Cape Town


Intermediate English


Description of the program

This project concerns the development of a cultural and social space in a shantytown of Cape Town. In the field, you will be accompanied at all times by the project manager of the construction site as well as the staff of the local NGOs.

Together, we are 3 years into a project in which our partners are building a neighborhood in Lavender Hill to uplift, educate and inspire the youth of this severely neglected and previously marginalised community.

Humanitarian internship in South Africa

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Like all of our humanitarian internship programs, the internship in South Africa allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and lasting impact on the local community.

The youth of Lavender Hill find themselves abandoned and hopeless, lost. Without any creative outlet, these children are more likely to be drawn into the world of drug abuse and gang warfare that plagues the community.

The goal is to provide a place, equipment, training and an opportunity for all Lavender Hill youth to express their creativity.

This project aims to create a safe space for the youth of this beautiful community to come and learn, play and give them a chance for a better and brighter future.

This is an innovative project designed to encourage the Lavender Hill community to work together and get involved in the evolution of the gardens that will be part of the new urban youth oasis.

The garden will provide an important space to develop new skills for all community members.

There will be several beds for flowers and shrubs, vegetables, fruit and herbs, and a sensory healing garden.

The organization received two containers as donations. One of them is already on site, ready to be transformed into a tool store and workshop, while the second has been donated and is being transformed into an office. .


The Urban Youth Oasis will consist of six two-story containers, converted into offices and studios. The containers will be converted before they arrive on site.

Once the containers are ordered (it can take up to two months to receive them), the preparation of the space will begin. The area needs to be landscaped, walkways need to be laid out so that terraces can be built once the containers are in place. The roof structures will then be built.

Duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • Working on the development of the site.
  • Maintaining staff motivation and focus.
  • Maintaining quality control procedures.
  • Ensuring site safety by conducting safety inspections.
  • Solving problems.
  • Sourcing materials from local suppliers.
  • Verifying and preparing reports for directors.
  • Monitoring the progress of the project.
  • Checking tools in and out of the shop.
  • Inventory checklists.

Host organization

Member of SAYTC and created in 2006, our organisation is based in Cape Town. South Africa welcomes millions of tourists every year.
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Our organisation is growing, as is our family, and we want you to be a part of it. We offer a wide variety of internships in different fields with our partner, as well as with other organisations we work closely with. Interns are immediately a part of this family and are essential to its smooth running and impactful work.


Strong points

Field experience
Multicultural team
Commitment to a humanitarian project
English language improvement

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