Environmental projects
Environmental projects

Take action to protect ecosystems!

The Initiation course, a first step in an NGO in the environmental sector

The Initiation programs, for a gap year for example, are divided into different categories, depending on the sustainable development objective supported. These are professional experiences in NGOs as part of a gap year , sabbaticals or your leave, allowing you to acquire transferable skills internationally by getting involved.

We find here the projects for the conservation of the environment .

The advantages of the environmental projects of the initiation program

Participating in an environmental project means contributing to the preservation of ecosystems and therefore to sustainable development. This is a contemporary challenge that has become very important in recent years, and sought after when you want to take a gap year, for example.

Even on its own scale, carrying out an environmental project improves living conditions. This is a sector that has been on the rise since it was established that public health depends on the quality of our environment.

There are numerous proposals for projects in the environment abroad, so many opportunities to explore unique ecosystems in the world where many species and plants are listed, in destinations rich in biodiversity: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru...

Carrying out a project in the environment, when you want to do a gap year for example, means:

  • Collecting and analysing data on ecosystems;
  • Integrating into a team of multicultural experts;
  • Discovering conservation strategies;
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues in the local community;
  • Living immersed in a nature reserve;

Ethical projects, visited and certified

RealStep has ensured the ethics of each of our projects, and is committed to the professionalism of the host organisation, which we know personally.

RealStep is:

  • A permanent follow-up
  • A tailor-made investment
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations

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