Animal projects
Animal projects

Act for the conservation of species!

The Initiation course, a first step in an NGO in the animal sector

The Initiation programs are divided into different categories, depending on the sustainable development objective supported during your gap year in English, for example. These are professional experiences in NGOs as part of a gap year , sabbaticals or your leave, allowing you to acquire transferable skills internationally by getting involved.

We find here the projects for animal protection.

The benefits of NGO animal projects

Supervised by specialists, these projects contribute to the conservation of animal species, and are spread across the four corners of the world.

Participating in an animal project during your gap year internship in English, for example, means:
  • Be in daily contact with animals to care for them, contribute to their well-being and help with their rehabilitation
  • Raise awareness of animal protection in local communities
  • Acquire basic knowledge of animal care professions
  • Put into practice the techniques and knowledge acquired for people with prior training
  • Join a multicultural and professional team
  • Enhance your CV with international professional experience


Which organisationshould you carry out an animal project in?

The projects take place in a nature reserve, or in an animal refuge. We offer them with RealStep on all continents, in order to fight against mistreatment and poaching, and to contribute to the collection of data to establish the best strategies for the conservation of species.

The missions in the field for your gap year in English, are:

In the nature reserve:

  • Observation and daily monitoring of the animals in the reserve;
  • Tracking missions, camera installation and data analysis alongside the trackers;
  • Raising awareness in local communities;
  • Predator research and monitoring;
  • Analysis of data collected on flora and fauna;


In an animal shelter:

  • Cleaning of enclosures and maintenance of the reserve;
  • Fence maintenance work;
  • Animal care: feeding them, caring for them…;
  • Organisation of educational visits;
  • Reception of new injured or orphaned animals and assistance for the necessary care;


Ethical projects, visited and certified

RealStep has ensured the ethics of each of our projects, and is committed to the professionalism of the host organisation, which we know personally.

RealStep is:

  • A permanent follow-up
  • A tailor-made investment
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations

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