Humanitarian projects
Humanitarian projects

Acting for local communities!

The Initiation course, a first step in an NGO in the humanitarian sector

Initiation programs, for a gap year abroad for example, are divided into different categories, depending on the sustainable development objective supported. These are professional experiences in NGOs as part of a gap year , sabbaticals or your leave, allowing you to acquire transferable skills internationally by getting involved.

Here we find community projects .

Why get involved in a humanitarian association?

Cultural immersion:

Participating in a humanitarian project during your gap year abroad means first of all benefiting from an immersion in the local culture, allowing you to discover a new way of life, new traditions while practicing the English language, or Spanish in Latin American countries in general.

Sharing and open-mindedness:

The notion of sharing is particularly present when carrying out a humanitarian mission. Sharing is the contribution of knowledge, skills, but not in one direction only: this contribution goes both ways.

Through this sharing comes a certain open-mindedness from which the participants of the humanitarian projects benefit.

Skills acquired:

Getting involved in a humanitarian association, through a gap year in humanitarian work, allows the acquisition of different skills. We are talking about transferable skills in particular, which will be useful to you in your professional or student life, beyond the mission itself.

International experience in NGOs:

It is important to raise the international side of each of the humanitarian projects proposed by RealStep. Increasingly valued, a gap year abroad is now a big advantage on CVs in the eyes of employers. We are talking about internationalism here, and the Initiation program allows you to benefit from training, or rather a professionalising experience at the international level.


Social and educational projects

RealStep offers such projects in Europe, Africa or America, and thus contributes to the well-being of local communities and therefore to sustainable development.

  • Teaching and helping teachers in schools
  • Setting up educational workshops for locals
  • Raising awareness on topics such as hygiene, health, etc.


Ethical projects, visited and certified

RealStep has ensured the ethics of each of our projects, and is committed to the professionalism of the host organisation, which we know personally.

RealStep is:

  • A permanent follow-up
  • A tailor-made investment
  • Ethical projects, visited and certified by our team
  • Trusted partner organisations

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