Marketing and design internship in South Africa
Marketing and design internship in South Africa

Useful information

Taking place in an NGO, the marketing and graphic design student internship allows you to gain international work experience while contributing to community projects. Bring your knowledge and benefit from training by the team on site, which will transmit its know-how to you. Discover a new culture, and have an enriching experience by exchanging with the locals, your colleagues and the other interns!

School of Communication
Business school
Bachelor in communication and marketing
Bachelor's degree in communication
Bachelor's degree in political science
Work-study training in communication/marketing


Cape Town / Eswatini


Intermediate English


Description of the program

Go for a student internship that will allow you to work in an international setting, while helping us carry out community development activities in Southern Africa.

Whether you are looking for experience to enhance your resume, need to validate an internship for your university, or simply want to contribute to a project, we like to make our internships as beneficial as possible for each participant.

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Like all of our humanitarian internship programs, the internship in South Africa allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and lasting impact on the local community.

The role of the interns:

In NGOs, for this student internship, the participant, although unpaid, is different from a volunteer, as he/she is expected to bring some knowledge and/or experience in the field in which he/she works. There are fewer internship positions and competition for them is higher. Interns will work at a more career-oriented, strategic level and develop local ability to work effectively and meaningfully.

Interns are also expected to take on more responsibility and create their own goals and seek out activities to be involved in or lead.

They will also be assigned a mentor to guide them during the internship.

Upon arrival, our team will accompany the interns for the beginning of their student internship. Our interns have a world of expertise to offer, but all objectives must be established with the in-country partner so that the results are sustainable even after the intern returns.

Your assignments may include going directly into the field to research the market, organising focus groups on specific issues, or creating events and marketing materials. You may also participate in team meetings on the strategies to be implemented and the necessary graphics.

Specifically, on your student internship, you can :

  • Create marketing materials such as posters, flyers etc...
  • Conduct market research online or in the field
  • Implement marketing strategies with the team or partners
  • Add to the social networks and / or the blog


A typical day as an intern:

7am: Wake up and have breakfast

7:30 a.m.: Drive to the course and prepare for the day

8:00 a.m.: Participate in the chosen project

12:30 pm : Return to the accommodation for lunch or have a packed lunch

2pm: Work on the project

4pm: Return to the accommodation, and share your day with the other trainees Why not take the time to swim in the South African waters!

18h30 : Dinner and free time

Itinerary for your student internship:

Day 1: Meeting with the NGO, who will transfer you to your accommodation.

Day 2: Informative presentation, to brief you on everything you need to know about the culture and the country.

Day 3: Meeting with the team on site, who will accompany you to your internship for a smooth start to the process and to help you settle in. The aims of the internship should also be discussed and agreed upon that day, so that you feel clear and focused on your internship.

Day 4: After your first meeting with the partner, it's time to plan your week! Find out which days are best for organising your schedule or moving forward with your research.

Weekends are free during your student internship; you can rest and discover the city through different activities!

Host organization

Our organisation was created in 2004, we are present in Eswatini, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.
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We have carefully chosen our destinations to offer the best of Africa, in terms of landscape, culture, wildlife and adventure. Projects are selected to provide optimal and sustainable assistance to the local communities we support in each country.


Strong points

An international experience
Experience in marketing
A positive and lasting impact
Training in the field