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Humanitarian internship

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Find a humanitarian internship in an NGO abroad.

More and more students are looking for an approved humanitarian internship in an NGO abroad to complete their studies with international professional experience. However, it is not always easy to find an internship abroad, even less to travel to meet organisations. We thus offer many internships in NGOs , including in the humanitarian field.

The experience and international network of the RealStep team open the doors to an internationally accredited internship. Our trusted network of partners allows us to find approved internships on various humanitarian missions that fully meet the requirements of each course.

Doing an internship in a humanitarian project means acquiring practical and transferable skills within an experience that makes sense, with a positive and lasting impact on local communities. You will be immersed in the world of work and will actively participate on projects with local professionals, who will pass on their passion and know-how to you. Whatever the destination and the specialisation, these missions will meet all the criteria to allow you to acquire a solid international experience that is recognised in the world of work.

The different RealStep humanitarian internships

In the list of humanitarian project internships offered on RealStep, we find:

  • Engineering internships: construction of eco-responsible infrastructure, renovation of schools, etc.
  • Social missions: women's rights, education for children and adolescents...


The different categories of approved internships in humanitarian associations:

  • In the field of education: help teachers in local schools.
  • For the emancipation of young people and women: lead various workshops and work with young people and women in the community to help provide them with future opportunities.
  • In the field of construction: participate in the renovation and construction of community infrastructure.

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