Nursing and medical internship in Guatemala
Nursing and medical internship in Guatemala

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The medical internship in Guatemala allows students in the health field to gain university credits and international work experience. Our NGO partner is working towards access to health care for all, and relies on trainees to ensure the various medical facilities in the city function well. You will be in contact with infants, but also with other patients depending on the hospital in which you decide to do your internship project. You will be supervised by health professionals, who will monitor your progress and ensure that your internship goes well.

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Description of the program

In Guatemala, there is a network of free public health services. Among them are health centres, where people in rural communities can access free health care. It is in these facilities that our nursing internship offer is focused.

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The health centres work only in daytime consultations (ambulatory). They offer consultations, vaccinations, growth monitoring for babies, etc.

The health centres are always in need of volunteers, as many people from the rural area attend the clinic. Volunteers work primarily in the main room, where babies are vaccinated and checked for size and weight for age.

Volunteers with advanced medical skills and Spanish are also welcome to assist the doctor during consultations.

Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in Guatemala allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience and contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to health care.

Urban medical internship: first aid centre

The Centro de Salud (Health Centre) is a public healthcare facility in Guatemala, where residents of urban communities can receive free healthcare services. The health centres work only in daytime consultations (ambulatory).

Trainee fields of action:

- Monitor babies' height and weight and possibly vaccinate them.

- Conduct consultations and administer injections at the family planning clinic.

- Work at the HIV Clinic. Current tests and consultations.

Interns will have the opportunity to rotate through different clinics as their skills allow through this medical internship opportunity. You can work in these clinics if you have experience in specific areas such as psychology, laboratory, dentistry or physical therapy.

Other projects available in the medical field

- Centre for disabled children and rehabilitation centre for physical therapy students.

- Emergency and rescue services (ambulance and fire department).

- Prevention workshops with communities as part of the nursing internship offer.

Host organization

Active in Guatemala since 2012, our partner organisation's main goal is to implement sustainable development projects in the country.
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Specialised in ecotourism trips, this NGO offers unforgettable experiences in an idyllic setting, in the heartland of Mayan culture.

Strong points

Work in different departments
Share unforgettable moments
Discover Guatemala
Discover the health care system
Discover care and procedures
Learn about common diseases in Guatemala