Medical internship
Medical internship

Our medical internships abroad

Acting for access to care for all!

Medical internship abroad and internships in the medical field

RealStep offers a wide range of internships in NGOs , and many are in nursing and the medical field.

This is the perfect opportunity to include both on-the-ground and international experience as part of your studies. It's not always easy to find such projects, and many medical students take a gap year to go and experience life abroad. RealStep combines the desire to travel and the completion of an internship, and thus optimises the experience of students in the field of health.

An internship supervisor will follow your project and evaluate you in the long term, guaranteeing you real support from the beginning to the end of the program.

In practical terms, what are the missions of the interns?

The missions vary depending on the destination and the program, but overall, you can find the following tasks:

  • Assist the nursing staff in their daily tasks.
  • Contribute to the daily medical report of each patient.
  • Participate in the distribution of meals.
  • Implement diets or recovery programs for patients.


An international professional experience

This is the perfect opportunity to put all of your knowledge into practice, with real experience in the field. Between medical internship, nursing internship abroad and other internships for medical students, there is a wide choice! RealStep offers such assignments in Asia, Latin America and Africa. We help you choose the project that best suits you, based on your skills, know-how, willingness and preferences.

These medical internships thus allow students to develop both personally and professionally, in a multicultural environment.

Ethical projects with a lasting impact:

Training with RealStep also means getting involved in projects that have a positive and lasting impact on the local community. The hospitals in which the participants work are understaffed, and your help would therefore be welcome. The main objective, in addition to providing you with the most enriching training, is to contribute to the objective of access to care for all. From a professional point of view, nursing internships abroad in NGOs are demonstrations of autonomy, mobility but also commitment for your future employers!

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