Working Holiday in Japan
Working Holiday in Japan

Useful information

The Working Holiday Visa in Japan allows you to stay and work on Japanese soil for up to one year. The advantage for a gap year student: to receive remuneration to finance his international experience.

The on-site team runs a support desk in Tokyo for travelers from all over the world who benefit from Working Holiday. They organize all the administrative aspects, Japanese lessons, placements on guaranteed jobs and shared accommodation or with a host family.

Like all of our gap year programs , the project in Japan allows you to validate your year while impacting the local community in a positive and lasting way.

Improve your English
Autonomy and responsibility
Knowledge and degree in the chosen field
International work experience




Intermediate English


Description of the program

The Tokyo international team will remain available throughout your year in Japan (by phone/Visio/E-mail). This permanence will allow you to travel serenely, if you decide to go to other cities or regions of Japan after your initial stay in Tokyo.

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Included in the Working Holiday program in Japan:

The Working-holiday package in Tokyo includes:
- Interview and discussion with the local organization via Zoom
- Organization of accommodation
- Reception at Haneda or Narita airport and transfer to the place of accommodation by public transport.
- On-site assistance, including:
  • Immigration service (residence card)
  • Registration of residence
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Request for exemption from national pension funds
  • Registration in the national health system
  • Opening a bank account and a mobile phone contract
  • Japanese course (2 weeks included)
  • local guidance
- Help finding a job
  • Help with applying in Japanese (preparing your CV in Japanese).
  • Group employment counseling session (every Monday at our office) including important information about the job market in Japan and Japanese job interview practice (role play).
  • Support for the gap year student at the local employment agency or, failing that, individual employment support sessions on our premises.
  • Sharing many job offers.
- Bilingual contact person on site (English and Japanese) for any assistance.
- Provision of a PC and a printer for job searches and the creation of application files.
- Assistance at our office or remotely (line, whatsapp, phone, email) throughout your year in Japan!
- For the CO2 compensation of your long-haul flights, we plant 10 trees per participant (via our local partner) on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Who can participate in the Working Holiday program in Japan?

You must be able to obtain a Working Holiday visa for Japan.

It can be obtained from the Japanese Embassy in your home country, if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a citizen of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands Bas, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Argentina, Chile, Korea, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Germany or Austria.
  • For France, there is the possibility of obtaining the Working Holiday Visa directly at the Paris Embassy or at the various consulates depending on your city of origin (Strasbourg, Lyon or Marseille). You can find more information on this link:
  • You are between 18 and 30 years old.
  • You have proof of funds (bank statement), usually around 1800 euros; the exact amount differs according to nationality).
  • You have proof of your plane ticket reservation (required for most nationals; some require a return ticket, others a one-way ticket).
  • You must be in good health and have no criminal record.
  • We provide the document (uketsuke zumisho), which will allow you to obtain your Visa.

What jobs can I do in Working Holiday in Japan?

It is important to take into account that the job search will only be done when you are there. Indeed, the package (which includes the tax identification number and a Japanese bank account), is necessary. This is why, before departure, we cannot give any precise indication of the nature of the work you are going to do.

Be reassured, however: with our on-site support, most participants find a job quickly (about 1 month), this will largely depend on their seriousness and their involvement.

We offer opportunity to work and live on a Japanese farm as a gap year student. You will do paid agricultural work as part of your Working Holiday in Japan!

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Typical jobs as a gap year student are:

  • Work in restaurants, cafes and fast food chains.
  • Work in kindergartens and day care centers (in English).
  • Nanny and babysitter.
  • Sale in shops (if language skills are sufficient).
  • Language teacher (not only in official language schools, but also for example in language cafés or conversation clubs (also possible for French, Spanish, German, Chinese...).
  • Work on the farm.
  • Work in hotels, ryokans, ski resorts.
  • Factory work, packing goods.
  • Moving companies.
Work on the farm:

For many Japanese, the quality and origin of food is of great importance. Therefore, Japanese farmers strive to produce the highest quality agricultural commodities. During your work on the farm, you will therefore be able to learn many things, have fun and, at the same time, enjoy healthy food! No prior knowledge of agriculture is required. A supplement of 350 euros will be required to guarantee your place on this project, for which you will be paid between 800-1000 JPY per hour.

Your tasks may include:

  • Working with horses, cows, chickens: Feeding, removing manure, cleaning machines, milking, cleaning animals, selling products such as eggs, milk, ice cream, etc.
  • Plant fruits and vegetables (e.g. pumpkins, potatoes, lettuces, leeks, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, melons), tend, harvest, process and eventually sell the produce locally.
  • Cultivation of cut flowers and ornamental plants.
  • Sow, cultivate and harvest crops such as rice, millet, corn and wheat.

Host organization

The Tokyo-based organization provides cross-cultural exchange opportunities through Work and Travel programs in Japan and South Korea.
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Since 2007, our partners have offered internships, volunteering assignments and cultural experiences in different countries.

Their goal is to be an innovator in educational programs, both online and on-site, designed to promote dialogue between cultures and impart international skills.

Intercultural understanding in a globalized world is a key skill. This should not be built only with "theory", but through fun and enriching experiences.

Their objective is to provide a high quality service to participants and to sustainably support local organizations, particularly in the case of so-called developing countries.

Strong points

Improve your English
Autonomy and responsibilities
Knowledge in the chosen field
International experience and immersion