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Environmental internships

Our environmental internships

Take action to protect ecosystems!

Our environmental internships abroad, from our internships in NGOs , allow you to contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity, on projects offering international experience in NGOs.

What do the environmental internships include?

In practical terms, the environment is a part of sustainable development: a way of organising society in such a way as to allow it to live in the long term. This involves working on present and future imperatives, such as the conservation of the environment and natural resources or economic and social equity.

Sustainable development takes into account three dimensions: economic, environmental and social. The raison d'être of sustainable development is to be at the crossroads of these 3 pillars.

As you will have understood, sustainable development therefore is concerned with the environment, but not only this: it focuses on people and the protection of animal life as well.

Environmental internships abroad for the protection of ecosystems

An ecosystem brings together the flora and fauna of a region. All of our environmental internships abroad aim to contribute to the conservation of these ecosystems, in different ways. In real terms, the actions carried out are:

  • Data collection
  • The installation of cameras to follow the daily life of animals
  • Beach cleaning on coastal projects
  • Animal movement monitoring
  • The restoration of their natural habitat
  • Raising community awareness of environmental issues

Raising local awareness makes it possible to have a lasting impact on the region, by encouraging communities to take environmental strategies into account in their daily lives. All of the data collected is also used by local and sometimes national authorities to implement the best conservation strategies.

International internships

Find environmental internships abroad from America to Oceania, via Africa and Asia. While having a positive impact on ecosystems, experience international life within an NGO. This is an opportunity to discover a new culture, to spend time with the locals, the team on site and the other participants and to broaden your horizons.

International experience is increasingly recognised in the professional world, as proof of your flexibility, autonomy and adaptability. Demonstrate your commitment via an environmental internship abroad!

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