Working on a farm in Australia
Working on a farm in Australia
Working on a farm in Australia

Useful information

After 5 days of training on a farm, you will be trained to work on a farm in Australia and will be employable on a large number of farms in the country. Right after the training, you will be able to choose a farm in our network where you will work for a fee. It is an opportunity to discover a new culture, through a stay in total immersion with the locals, who rely on you to manage their farm. You will benefit from a training, and will know in the long run the different tasks to do within such a structure. You will also be able to improve your language skills while getting your first job on a working holiday.

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Description of the program

Working on the farm provides an opportunity to participate in rural life with the possibility of financing a trip to Australia. This intensive training followed by a guaranteed salary allows young people on work holidays to save up to AUD $10,000 in 3 months! And to renew their visa for a 2nd year! The only condition: be motivated, ready to learn and get your hands dirty.

Like all of our gap year programs, this project in Australia offers a combination of training and employment within a local organization to allow you to obtain a complete professional experience, while leaving for a gap year advantage.

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The program is available from 4 to 24 weeks, all services are included in the first 2 weeks which explains the unique price regardless of the duration. In general, participants choose to stay 3 months on this first job because the completion of 88 days or more of farm work allows them to obtain a second Working Holiday Visa, which is 1 year more in Australia!

Thus the 16 week program is the standard program to optimize the start of your working holiday in Australia. This is the ideal length of time to prepare and benefit from a safe and guaranteed path to your second visa.

If you wish, you can start your program with English classes to improve your level and have the best immersive experience afterwards!

The training

Farm work usually involves livestock, farm equipment, machinery, or infrastructure, but it can also involve helping the farmer and his or her family in their daily lives.

  • Livestock includes: cattle, sheep, horses and other animals.
  • Machinery includes: tractors, dirt bikes, quads, Utes and other machines.
  • Infrastructure includes: fencing, water supply, irrigation, buildings, etc.

The course will give you a general introduction to Australian farming life and prepare you for the practical tasks ahead.

The guaranteed job offer service will give you a choice of appropriate jobs.

Our support department will be there in the background throughout your membership, offering you other jobs if and when you need them.

Working on the farm

Farmer employers are looking for responsible workers who are willing to apply themselves, work hard and learn quickly.

You don't need to have any previous skills or experience, but it helps.

It's more than just a job to be done for 88 days. This is an Australian professional adventure.

In concrete terms, you can perform :

  • Daily general farm work
  • Feeding, water control, general farm maintenance and cleaning
  • Cattle breeding stations, sheep breeding stations, large-scale arable farming
  • Horse and stable work
  • Livestock work (cattle, sheep, horses)
  • Feed, water, raise
  • Vehicle and property maintenance, fencing
  • Regular use of two-wheeled dirt bikes, quads
  • Tractors and other large machines (graders, bulldozers, cutting heads, use of various tools)
  • Harvesting and sowing, soil preparation
  • Irrigation and water control
  • Work of the sheep shearing team
  • Fencing, spraying, weed control
  • Specialty crops - e.g., cotton, orchards and nut groves
  • Horticultural production

You can expect:

  • A choice of jobs with known and trusted employers
  • Job offers adapted to your skills and experience
  • Training that provides you with skills and awareness to prepare you for working on an Australian farm
  • Training by experienced farmers/trainers who define your expectations
  • Permanent assistance

To reach your 88 days of work in 3-4 months.

Our program requires a certain level of English, good physical condition, willingness to try, to learn, to engage with trainers and other staff, and most importantly the ability to work effectively.

Host organization

We are an award-winning family business, active since 1991. We provide a safe and reliable route to paid agricultural work throughout rural Australia.
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Strong points

Immersive experience on an Australian farm
Training on agricultural work
Improvement of the level of English
Guarantee of paid employment

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