General info

Location: Multiple destinations

Duration: 2 to 24 weeks

Start dates: all year round

Minimum language level: B1 in English

Minimum age: 18 years old


Engineering internship, nursing internship, veterinary internship, project management internship, teaching project, environmental research… thanks to our many partner NGOs, Real Step offers approved internships all over the world and in all sectors.

Internships in NGOs are now very popular with students who aspire to more « field » missions compared to an internship in a company. Joining a team of experts (guides, researchers, project coordinators) and working in a team brings not only a solid international experience but also a unique personal enrichment in the humanitarian field.


The strong points

Progress of approved internships in NGOs

International volunteering missions are entirely supervised by professionals, local staff and, if necessary, translators. Meals, supervision, local transport and accommodation are included throughout the course period.

Upstream, we ensure the follow-up of your file, the preparations for the trip (visa, insurance etc.) and the signing of the internship agreement by the tutor on site.

Once the mission has been validated by the school and the host organisation, the following documents will be required:

– The CV and a cover letter in English

– A valid ID for the stay

Modular courses that adapt to all levels

The duration of the internships varies between 2 weeks and 24 weeks, it is quite possible to find suitable missions for all durations. Flexible internships allow students to manage their time on the project (free time, possibility of holidays or excursions before or after the project, etc.).

But the great advantage of internships in NGOs is that they can be adjusted at will. During long-term approved internships, the student intern can therefore combine several missions in one destination (for example in Thailand with the elephant protection internship or the coastal conservation internship ) and even several other destinations if this condition is validated by his school. /university.

Some specific requests may be considered, such as the possibility of organizing prevention workshops during medical internships, or setting up specific programs (sport, art, etc.) during educational internships.

The most popular assignments for student internships

Biology and marine environment students

Internship on marine species in South Africa

Marine conservation internship in Mexico

Diving and data collection internship in Fiji


Environment and ecology students

National park courses in Japan


Conservation internship in tropical forest in Costa Rica

Internship in an organic farm in Ireland

Animal caretakers

Conservation of black bears in Japan

Canine veterinary internship in Peru

Research and wildlife internship in Namibia

Veterinary internships

Veterinary internship in a nature reserve in South Africa

Veterinary internship in a dog shelter in Sri Lanka

Medical internship

Nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, medical students:

Medical and prevention course in Bali

Nursing and medical internship in Guatemala

– India, Nepal, South Africa, Cambodia, Peru and many more

Psychology, special educators, education:

Youth leader internship in Croatia

Teaching internship in Argentina

Special education and teaching internship in India


Engineers: Construction sites in Nepal or Mexico , Peru , South Africa .

General stream

All projects, except those requiring specific experience or skills (medical or children).
Skills acquired on an international volunteering mission: project management, teamwork, daily practice of English, international experience, adaptation to a different environment, etc.


24 hour telephone assistance in case of emergency

Transfer from the airport to the project

All equipment and materials needed for the project

Experienced staff who provide follow-up and supervision

Meals during the project

Shared accommodation (in a youth hostel but also in a camp, it depends on the projects)


Additional excursions

Air Transport

Travel and medical insurance

Personal diving equipment, example:. mask, flippers, wetsuit, stopwatch.


To participate in the project

To register you will be asked


Our partner NGOs sit on the International Commission on Sustainable Tourism of the United Nations. All of their initiatives and volunteering projects are led by experts in collaboration with local people and national governments. All projects follow medium and long-term objectives defined with local partners and respecting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As a non-profit organization, our volunteer projects are as transparent as possible. The contribution of volunteers is used to cover project planning (reconnaissance, team recruitment and logistical support), direct field costs (transport, accommodation, staff meals) and finally to support the project itself and its continuity. . Without the physical and financial help of volunteers, this project would not have seen the light of day.