Construction and renovation internship in Nepal
Construction and renovation internship in Nepal
Construction and renovation internship in Nepal

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Go to Nepal to validate your humanitarian construction internship, helping the local community to build and renovate its various infrastructures. Earthquake-prone Nepal has experienced many natural disasters over the past decade, making the country’s development a real challenge. You will thus participate in the installation of anti-seismic infrastructures while discovering the Nepalese culture, through numerous exchanges with the locals!

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Description of the program

The objective is to set up ecological and earthquake-resistant infrastructures, with anti-seismic materials and techniques via this humanitarian construction internship.

Many engineering students are involved in long-term construction projects and take advantage of reconstruction projects in Nepal to carry out an internship rich in field experience, in a place where the threats of natural disasters are high and the adaptation necessary.

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Like all of our humanitarian internship programs , the project in Nepal allows you to validate your year while impacting the local community in a positive and lasting way.

Types of projects and missions according to the seasons

As the projects vary according to the needs of the local communities, it is difficult to plan the missions several months in advance. In the dry season (October-May), major construction sites are set up with local construction companies: construction and restoration of buildings such as schools, clinics, community centers.

During the monsoon season (June-September), the conditions are more difficult so the work is more indoors. We plan projects (design, architecture...) we do renovation and interior decoration work, we garden and we organize information sessions for local communities. The subjects are varied: ecology courses in schools, sustainable construction courses with adults, etc. Depending on the donations and the means, we participate in small works such as installations to collect rainwater or toilets.

Schedule of trainees during the humanitarian engineer internship: between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday

- Painting and decoration, which can be translated into frescoes and images for the most creative!

- Demolition of existing buildings.

- Construction of temporary structures.

- Masonry and construction of new buildings with anti-seismic materials.

- Small-scale land use planning.

- Gardening and management of green spaces.

- Installation of drinking water purifiers.

- Temperature regulation in schools.

Host organization

Freepackers' partner organization emphasizes responsible engagement in India and Nepal. Since 2013, our volunteers have been involved in educational, medical and development projects.
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Their commitment makes it possible to bring about lasting positive changes in the lives of communities.

Our local NGO prioritizes the safety and well-being of its volunteers so that they can optimize their experience with children and local communities, and keep a memorable memory of their mission. The costs invoiced by the association make it possible to finance the operating services, the supervising personnel on site, the expenses of the volunteers (meals, accommodation, transport, activities) and part of the funds paid to the projects themselves.


Strong points

Work with the locals
Positively impact the community
Live in immersion
Discover the Nepalese culture

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