National parks internship in Japan
National parks internship in Japan
National parks internship in Japan

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We offer ecotourism and outdoor activities in various national parks in Japan. Most of these are nature explorations by bike, kayak, sailboat or on foot. Cultural encounters are also often part of these rich and diverse activities that you will be able to do within the foreign ecology internship.

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DUT Biological Engineering
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Description of the program

Through this guaranteed internship program in Japan, you will find positions with various local operators in the ecotourism sector in Ise-Shima National Park. These tourism professionals train and supervise the trainees. All foreign ecology internships at Ise-Shima can last between 4 weeks and 1 year!

Like all of our environmental internship programs, the project in Japan allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and sustainable impact on the local community.

Ecology internship abroad

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Ise Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture is known for its hilly and densely forested coastal landscape, with many bays and small islands along the coast.
The theme of the national park is the harmony between man and nature, which has been practiced here for thousands of years. The Ama women, traditional divers, are a famous attraction of the park. Without any diving equipment, they collect abalone, turban shells and other seafood from the ocean floor in an environmentally friendly manner. The Ama culture is also known as the birthplace of pearl farming. Their techniques and knowledge are recognised as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The Ama circuit and the nature circuit in Toba.

The tours include meeting the Ama women who explain their techniques. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy freshly caught seafood, which has the reputation of being the best in Japan.
There are also boat trips to a fishing village, excursions to observe the marine fireflies (Vargula hilgendorfii), known for their blue bioluminescence.

As an intern, you will accompany the tours and assist the guides. In addition, you will assist with social media marketing, writing copy for websites and brochures, doing translations, answering inquiries and communicating with clients in English and other languages you are comfortable with.

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Fishermen's guesthouse and experience in Ise-Shima

A small fishing company with several employees, in addition to its core business of fishing, also offers fishing-related tourism experiences and operates a vacation home.

As an intern, you will spend approximately 60-80% of your time on fishing-related activities and 20-40% on tourism-related activities (more tourism-related activities during the summer months of July through September, less tourism-related activities during the off-season).

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Outdoor excursions to Tomoyama Park

Tomoyama Park is part of Ise-Shima National Park, located around the peaceful Ago Bay, where pearls are cultivated. The provider of this course organises kayaking, biking and guided hikes in Tomoyama Park. In cooperation with other providers, diving and water activities are offered to tourists.

During the Foreign Ecology Internship, you will accompany the various tours, participate in marketing and public relations activities in English and other languages you speak. This includes, for example, the production of TV programs and content for Youtube and Instagram.

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Sunny Coast Kayak Tour

Kayak tours around the Sunny Coast are half-day or full-day tours in Ise-Shima National Park, starting from Okasho village.
As an intern, 5 days a week, you will accompany tours, assist the guide, prepare equipment for tours, take part in social media marketing from the office, and answer inquiries in English.

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Bicycle tours in the Takayama area

During the excursions, you will have the opportunity to experience life within the rural communities. Visitors get information that goes far beyond what is found in the usual guidebooks. You will learn about rice cultivation and visit a farmers' market, where the farmers' stories are at least as good as their products.

We offer guided walking tours in Takayama with a culinary focus, where visitors can witness the production of sake, soy sauce and miso, as well as guided cross-country skiing tours in winter.

Interns participate in bike tours as assistant guides, assist with marketing such as writing copy for the company website, and participate in community activities. Basic knowledge of Japanese is expected. Applicants must be interviewed via skype.

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Diving school, sailing trips and traditional guesthouse in Shizuoka

You will participate in the organisation of nautical activities (scuba diving, sailing, canoeing) and in the management of a small guest house. Actual duties at the guesthouse include cooking, serving meals, managing reservations and preparing rooms.

Students with no previous diving experience can take free diving lessons at the beginning of their stay. They will then assist the water sports instructors. For example, they will distribute the diving equipment to the clients and make sure that it is used correctly.
No knowledge of Japanese is required, but the ability to communicate in English is mandatory.

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Hiking tour in Shin-Etsu

The Shin-Etsu Trail follows the ridge of the Sekida Mountains, which form the border between the Nagano and Niigata regions. In the past, the track was used to transport salt and marine products from Niigata and paper and mustard seed oil from Nagano. The area, which is at an altitude of about 900-1300m above sea level, has a rich ecosystem of beech forests. The 80 kilometers of the Shin-Etsu trail can be covered in 5 or 6 days; there are possibilities of accommodation in guest houses and campsites.

During the foreign ecology internship, people with conversational Japanese can support an NGO on site that maintains the hiking trail and informs visitors about nature, history and local culture.

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Ogasawara Islands National Park

The Ogasawara Islands (also known as Bonin Islands), located about 1000 km south of Tokyo, have never been connected to the Asian continent and have therefore, like the Galapagos Islands, developed a unique ecosystem. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 70% of the islands' plants are endemic, as are many animal species. Green sea turtles, humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins can often be seen.

Tourist activities on the islands include diving, boat tours and biologist-guided hikes on the beaches and in the interior of the islands.

Trainees must have a level of Japanese that allows them to maintain a conversation. They will be able to assist the guides and staff in organising tours and other tourist activities.

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Host organization

The organisation in Japan offers opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and global learning.
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Our goal is to provide a high quality service to our participants, but one that also includes a sustainable benefit for the countries and regions in which we are active, especially developing countries.

Our strength: we are not just an intermediary, we are on the ground with our own teams. We are in permanent contact with our participants, organisations and all other local partners, which allows us to have perfect oversight of the actions carried out on the projects.

Strong points

Help to protect national parks
Observe many species
Acquire knowledge and practical skills
Total immersion in Japanese culture
Possibility to combine the different courses

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