Medical and disease prevention internship in Bali
Medical and disease prevention internship in Bali
Medical and disease prevention internship in Bali

Useful information

Our project in Bali allows you to carry out your medical internship in an association abroad, within our partner NGO. While contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ goal of access to health care for all, gain university credits while contributing your knowledge. Benefit from training by health professionals, and discover a rich culture through an immersive experience.

School of Nursing (IFSI)
Nursing Education
Studies in the field of health
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Intermediate English


Description of the program

In Indonesia, some rural areas are often very far from health facilities such as hospitals or clinics. In collaboration with our local partner, we have developed two very different programs to provide students with a unique insight into the Indonesian healthcare system. Contribute to the efforts of an association abroad during a medical internship! Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in Bali allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience, while contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to healthcare.

foreign medical internship in an association

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The project of prevention and health education in schools in the Ubud region will give you the opportunity to meet children in rural schools and teach them the importance of first aid and hygiene from an early age. Home visits will also allow you to participate in the care of the local community, a truly immersive experience!

In Bali, the medical program will allow you to assist local caregivers in a local hospital and learn more about your future profession in a foreign environment. On occasion, you will accompany local doctors and nurses to perform examinations and care in rural areas.

Advantages of the project:

- Gain valuable experience in a specific professional field

- Discover the Balinese culture by immersion in the local communities

- Work as a team with local coordinators and volunteers from around the world

Prevention and health course in Ubud

Practical information

Location: Pejeng Kaja / Ubud

Departure dates: every Sunday except during school vacations (one week in March, 2 weeks between July and August and one week in October).

Minimum English level: B1/Intermediate

Minimum age : 18 years old

This program requires the skills of health care professionals and individuals who can teach first aid and personal hygiene. Methods: Conduct prevention workshops, dental examinations, hand washing, tooth brushing and general cleanliness. The goal is to stop preventable health problems and communicable diseases form arising.

You will help organise health campaigns in local schools around Ubud, actively teaching the importance of basic hygiene, with an emphasis on proper tooth brushing, hand washing and general body cleanliness. Many daily routines seem natural to us but are not common practices among village children. If you have a medical background, medical examinations for local children and adults can be arranged with your help.

Trainee's schedule

On the first day of your project, you will attend a meeting with the healthcare staff to understand the nature of the health problems you will encounter and to receive a little training on your role in the team. In the afternoon you will meet the children you will be working with during your stay.

In the morning, you will spend approximately one to two hours preparing the day's activities and lessons, and in the afternoon you will visit the schools for two to three hours to conduct prevention and first aid workshops.

For more information: download the project guide!

Medical internship in Bali

Practical information

Location: Bali.

Departure dates: every Sunday.

Minimum English level: B1/Intermediate.

Minimum age: 18 years old.

This medical internship will take place in one or more of the local hospitals partnered with the association of this medical internship, and in villages where medical care is not easily accessible or is too expensive. Interns will assist local doctors or nurses in their daily activities and in emergency situations help out in the hospital. Occasionally, you can join the local doctors who visit the villages to perform free medical examinations.

Trainee's schedule

The first week of your internship consists of an introduction to the local culture, customs and do's and don'ts. Not only will you learn some of the language and the way of life, but you will also visit the city and learn how to get around by yourself.

On Thursday and Friday of the first week, you will receive an introductory session at the university prior to the internship. During these sessions, a professional supervisor will brief you on the local situation and developments in the industry/field in which the internship will take place and prepare you for the local work environment/culture.

From the second week, you will work Monday to Friday at the medical internship association. A daily schedule will be set up to show you the different departments where you will work during your internship.

Host organization

Our partner NGO offers a secure environment and a local team that takes care of the volunteers and manages all the logistics on their projects.
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Since 1998, they have been offering the opportunity to participate in solidarity programs ranging from education to support and development of local communities, as well as wildlife and environmental conservation.

Their values: we are not passive spectators, but we encourage a practical approach, "we get our hands dirty". The placements require active participation of the interns and real commitment. The feedback from our participants is unanimous: "an enrichment beyond my expectations", "a project that changed my life".

Strong points

Experience in the medical field
Discover a new culture
Working in a team
Training with specialists

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