Training on animal projects
Training on animal projects

Working with Animals Abroad

Act for the conservation of species!

Working with animals

We offer a wide range of programs to enable you to work in the humanitarian sector , in NGOs on sustainable development. Many of them relate specifically to the animal cause: these are our animal project training courses.

Training to work with animals

Working with animals abroad is a personal and professional commitment. Here is an overview of studies and training courses that allow you to work with animals on a daily basis.

To work with domestic animals, the possibilities are more numerous: veterinary studies, canine educator training, animal health assistant, etc.

The most effective training to be able to work with wild animals is that of animal caretaker. It will allow you to practise in many areas and to be recruited in structures that house wild animals.

A mentor will accompany you throughout your training to monitor your progress and guide you in your work. This will be a qualified professional in the field. They will put you in a situation and will evaluate the solutions you come up with.

The different institutions

  • Animal sanctuary or nature reserve for wild species
  • Veterinary practice
  • Canine centre
  • Pet shelter


International training

Working with animals is an activity that can be practised in the four corners of the world: caring for lions in South Africa or orphan dogs in Sri Lanka, it is all possible!

Many animal projects offer you the opportunity for a few weeks or a few months to have an enriching experience abroad and to stand out in the professional world.

Orienting yourself internationally and getting field experience with animals as soon as possible is a very good way to stand out and put the odds in your favour to get a job that meets your expectations!

At RealStep, we offer degree courses abroad to combine learning with hands-on experience. We offer you the chance to work with animals abroad, to acquire training in the field of non-governmental organisations.

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working with animals abroad

working with animals abroad

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