Animal internship
Animal internship

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Act for the conservation of species!

Do an approved internship abroad within an NGO

This program is a research project for students who want to carry out approved internships in NGOs from 2 to 24 weeks. You thus obtain ECTS credits through all the courses in this course, and an international certification issued by the University of Richmond in the USA for those called academic .

We offer an in-depth follow-up for our animal internships abroad in NGOs, and thus guarantee a professionalizing experience for students as well as schools.

RealStep animal internships all revolve around animal health, and take place within NGOs. The projects are local, and all contribute to the preservation of species!

Our approved veterinary courses

There are two types of veterinary internship: wildlife veterinary internship, and domestic animal veterinary internship.

The accommodation structure also varies according to these two specializations: veterinary practice / clinic, CHV, nature reserve, animal shelter, etc.

Veterinary training, among animal internships abroad, is ideal for gaining professional experience abroad. Whatever the specialization and the host structure, it is the guarantee of obtaining qualifying training from experienced veterinarians.

Doing this animal internship abroad is an excellent opportunity for students in veterinary schools to discover other methods of care and other environments to practice their profession.

Our animal caretaker internship offers abroad

The animal caretaker internship is accessible to all veterinary medicine students, veterinary assistants and caretakers. The project adapts according to the level of study of the students.

This is the best way to come and apply your theoretical knowledge in the field! You will discover different care techniques, and participate in certain animal training courses abroad in the rehabilitation of animals in their natural habitat!

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Animal internship abroad with RealStep

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