Training on humanitarian projects
Training on humanitarian projects

Why make humanitarian work your career?

Acting for local communities!

Why make humanitarian work your career?

We offer many programs to enable you to work in the humanitarian sector on sustainable development. There are many who focus specifically on community projects, to work in an NGO.

Training courses to work in an NGO, learning through exchange

  • An exchange of culture and experiences

RealStep's partner humanitarian missions are long-term, social development missions that aim to work hand in hand with local communities to improve living conditions. It's not about saving populations, but about getting to know them, understanding them. It's human adventure, cultural discovery and teamwork towards a common goal.

  • An exchange of skills

Social missions, solidarity projects or educational projects could not progress or see the light of day without a real exchange of skills between the participants, the project coordinators and the local communities. We do this as much to get involved and apply our skills to a development project as to receive. Working in the humanitarian sector abroad means learning new methods, acquiring knowledge about a different context, taking up cultural challenges, and becoming familiar with new tools.

On-the-job training alongside specialists

The training takes place on community projects, spread between America and Oceania via Africa and Asia. Getting involved in humanitarian work, working in an NGO, means constant contact with different cultures and access to the reality on the ground. On site, you join a multicultural team, and learn alongside specialists who pass on their experiences and values to you. These values, once anchored through field experience, can then be transmitted in a more global and more general context, and contribute to making the world and minds grow.

The different categories of training to work in an NGO:

  • In the sports field: obtain various diplomas, in surfing or diving to specialise professionally in these disciplines.
  • Education: Teach in local schools and participate in community empowerment programs, and learn about how an NGO works on the ground.
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