Professional training courses

Professional training courses
Working in the humanitarian sector: benefits and opportunities
Considered for some years as a must by some schools and universities, the NGO internship abroad is highly appreciated by recruiters thanks to the qualities and skills acquired by the student in an international context. ...

work in the humanitarian field

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  • International career opportunities
  • A diverse workplace
  • Great versatility
  • More personal and professional satisfaction
  • Opportunity for positive impact
  • The creation of a global network

Humanitarian careers

There are many careers in the humanitarian sector and they vary enormously in terms of the missions. They are divided into two categories:

  • Field workers, present in the country of action: healthcare workers, veterinarians, carers, heads of humanitarian missions, project coordinators, project managers...
  • Administrative workers, at the NGO's headquarters or in the offices: fundraiser, humanitarian mission administrator, technical manager, financial analyst...

Our Professional Training Courses

All our training courses are professional, a great opportunity to acquire field experience and knowledge of sustainable development projects.

RealStep offers qualified and certified training for anyone wishing to engage internationally at a professional level. Each will be trained by experts to lead a project from A to Z, as well as to supervise volunteers, manage budgets and develop actions on a larger scale.

Our training for:

Career training: support for employment in an NGO

We offer more complete training courses, lasting 6 months, among the training courses in this program. These are the so-called "career" training courses, intended both for professionals wishing to reorient themselves and for students wishing to make humanitarian work their profession.

At the end of the course, you will benefit from support towards getting a job in an NGO to work in the humanitarian field:

  • Two online coaching sessions with the personal careers coach
  • Access to the job portal of our partner NGO, specialised in sustainable development careers
  • LinkedIn recommendations by the personal coach and the project referent
  • Employment guarantee: candidates who have not found a job after 18 months will be able to request reimbursement of 50% of the training costs

In these specific projects, training and diplomas are also included in the program. In partnership with the Richmond School Of Professional And Continuing Studies in the USA, two online training modules of approximately 20 hours are provided before the start of the project:

  • Courses on project-specific studies. (Online)
  • Leadership course. (Online)

These modules will allow you to obtain prior knowledge and skills to prepare you for your projects in the field.

On site, you have several fields of action to put the theoretical training into practice:

  • Expeditions on the project with teams of researchers, observation and data collection, analysis and studies.
  • Remote projects: solve a problem with other partner organisations in one of the following areas: marine conservation, environment, animal protection, education, defense of human rights, ... Depending on the duration of your training, you will be in charge of solving one to three problems of our partner projects remotely, through data collection / analysis and research. The goal is to produce a well-argued thesis, with the help of a coach who will assess your progress.

The goal is to make you as versatile as possible to best prepare you for the different types of assignments that could be entrusted to you as a project coordinator working in the humanitarian sector.

Training on animal projects

Act for the conservation of species!

Training on humanitarian projects

Acting for local communities!

Training in the environment

Take action to protect ecosystems!