Ranch work in Canada and English courses
Ranch work in Canada and English courses
Ranch work in Canada and English courses

Useful information

Ideal for a gap year internship, the English course and ranch program in Canada is a guaranteed immersion in an English-speaking environment! If you like the great outdoors, wide open spaces, and you are not afraid of work, the ranch in Canada is for you!

After a month of English classes, help run a typical Canadian farm with a local family. This is an opportunity to live an experience of professional and personal development, while considerably improving your English.

How a ranch works
Agricultural breeding methods
Improve your English
Community life skills
Management of agricultural projects
Equestrian skills




Fluent English


Description of the program

Live a unique experience in Canada during your internship! This two-part program will bring you up to speed in English for one month and immerse you in the daily life of a Canadian farm family. If you have the heart of a cowboy or a cowgirl, want to spend time on a ranch far from the big cities, you will be won over!

Like all of our programs for a work gap year , this project in Canada allows you to benefit from professional experience while having a positive and lasting impact on the region's ecosystems.

gap year internship

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This program is designed for those who wish to learn English first, and how a large farm operates in an English-speaking context.

Internship in the Canadian Rockies

In Vancouver, the first 4 weeks include 20 hours of English classes, and plenty of free time to visit and discover the local culture. Students stay in homestays to strengthen their language skills and have a real immersion experience.

After the first 4 weeks you will go to your ranch where you will participate in all the activities of your host family: you will be able to ride their horses, drive their tractor, participate in daily chores, etc.

But it's not just about agriculture. It is above all a human exchange, a cultural experience that you will live during this internship. Participants will be immersed in the heart of Canadian culture. You will accompany families on their neighborhood visits, their races, or events such as rodeos or festivals.

Types of farms in Canada

- Horse farms (breeding/training, pensions, horse farms)

- Guest ranch (which involves property maintenance duties)

- Cattle/sheep farms

- Alpaca farms

- Wineries

- Mixed farms

- Other types of operations can be offered on request

You will be placed on small family farms, in very rural areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia. Upon request and at the sole discretion of our partner, you may be placed in other regions.

Highlights of the Ranch Gap Internship in Canada

- Discover Canadian culture

- Improve your level of English

- Discover the agricultural world

- Participate in the life of a Canadian family

- Take advantage of Canada's great outdoors

- Develop general agricultural and equestrian skills

The profile of the participants

We are looking for people who are outgoing, adaptable, in good physical condition, and who really want to discover Canada.

Participants of this gap year course in Canada must be of legal age.

Host organization

Our organization serves those who want to explore the world and have unique international experiences as part of their personal and professional journey.
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And we are convinced that it is essential to live abroad, in total immersion, to discover the world, its diversity, its riches.

This has been our philosophy since the creation of our organization in 1998, and it is what still drives us today. Our mission is to support you in achieving your personal goals and to promote your development within the framework of our programs, which are resolutely geared towards intercultural encounters.

Strong points

Discover Canadian culture
Improve your English level
Participate in the life of a Canadian family
Take advantage of Canada's great outdoors
Develop farming and riding skills
Program in 2 parts with classes and practice

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