Nursing internship in Vietnam
Nursing internship in Vietnam
Nursing internship in Vietnam

Useful information

This nursing internship will take place in a hospital in Da Nang province. The internship is in English. Tasks like observation, recording data and data analysis will be an essential part of this project, as it is a practical experience. It is important to note that public institutions in Vietnam are bound by government regulations and cannot allow international participants to carry out tasks independently. For this reason, this project is suitable for medical students who wish to learn about the Vietnamese healthcare system from local professionals.

School of Nursing (IFSI)
Nursing Education
Studies in the field of health
Post-bac STI2S


Ho Chi Minh


English Intermediate


Description of the program

You will have the opportunity to follow the nurses, doctors and therapists in their daily routine. Depending on your choice and the availability of staff, your tasks may include preparing treatments, measuring blood pressure, performing first aid and treating wounds. The hospital, located just a few minutes from the beach, has a number of departments in which students can rotate their placements.

nursing internship in English

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As with all our nursing and medical internship programmes abroad, this internship in Vietnam allows you to not only acquire real field experience, but also to contribute to the goal of access to healthcare for all set by the United Nations.

Our partner hospital in Da Nang works exclusively with our local teams. We have excellent relationships with their teachers, and student trainees enjoy wonderful access to learning with their healthcare staff. They show great interest and care with international trainees.

The hospital has 200 doctors. It has 150 beds and sees between 400 and 500 patients a day. All the following departments are open to trainees: obstetrics, gynaecology, surgery, internal medicine, emergency medicine, paediatrics, ENT and dermatology.

The surgery department has a capacity of 25 inpatient beds, with 5 operating theatres accredited to international standards, using high-quality equipment and techniques. The hospital's surgical department offers vascular surgery, general surgery, gastroenterological surgery and orthopaedic surgery.

It is important to bear in mind that the level of English spoken by the staff is different from that in an English-speaking country, but you will always be supported by an English-speaking coordinator from the local team.

Interns' schedule in Vietnam

You will be taken care of from the start and will be oriented by the local team, who will introduce you to your new environment, the medical project and Vietnamese culture.

On the first day of your nursing programme, you'll start with a full introduction to the hospital. You will also discuss your future role and observe local healthcare professionals in various departments. You may have the opportunity to take part in first aid, treating wounds, taking blood pressure readings and preparing medication.

Host organization

Since 1998, our partners have been offering people the chance to take part in community programmes ranging from education to community support and development to ecosystem conservation.
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Their values: we are not passive spectators, but we encourage a concrete approach, "we get our hands dirty". The placements require active participation of the interns and real commitment. The feedback from our participants is unanimous: "an enrichment beyond my expectations", "a project that changed my life".

Strong points

Discover the Vietnamese health system
Observe medical practices
Benefit from field experience
Sharing and learning about the local culture

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