Surf instructor training in Bali

Useful information

This 3-month Environmental Surf Instructor Training focuses on putting your knowledge of the surf, the ocean, and instruction into practice. Over the 3 months you will develop skills to pass all the qualifications needed to become a Level 1 Certified Surf Instructor.

Besides qualifications, we will also focus on your teaching techniques and surfing abilities to make you a well-rounded and employable instructor.

Like all of our training courses for working in the environment abroad , training in Bali allows you to validate your year while impacting the local community in a positive and lasting way.

Level 1 surf instructor qualification
Senior First Aid and Advanced Life Support
Develop local projects
At-sea observer
Protected site manager




Intermediate English

Description of the program

Our surf training is an essential learning experience to become a surf instructor.

During your training on the various surf camps in Canggu, Red Island, Gili Trawangan and Nusa Lembongan, you will be totally focused on improving your technical skills, your knowledge of the ocean, your physical condition, and living the life of a surfer will become the main priority.

Our environmental surf camps in Bali have multiple wave levels for beginners to advanced surfers depending on the slightly different tides, winds and swells.

environmental surfing

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Our goal is to train you through different levels of your training to help you become a competent surf instructor.

The surf instructor courses in Bali are certified and recognized by the international organization ASI. With the surf instructor diploma awarded at the end of the training, you will be entitled to exercise the profession of surf instructor in all surf schools internationally.

The 3-month environmental surfing course facilitates the development of the following skills:

- Practical development of beginner to intermediate surfing skills
- Marine Safety, Ocean Awareness, Physical Training
- Access to a variety of waves
- Expert training by qualified coaches to reach, catch, roll and spin on the waves
- Improvement on surf theory and exposure to more difficult waves
- Improved form, power and confidence at sea
- Offer up to 40 hours of coaching experience
- Using video analytics to improve navigation techniques

To become a level 1 surf instructor you must attend all classes, demonstrate the required surfing skills, be deemed competent in the qualifications.

Host organization

Founded over 10 years ago by a team of passionate and experienced surfers, our surf school in Bali is recognized as one of the best in the country.
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It offers its student surfers extraordinary experiences: leisure, adventure, environmental surfing and professional certification.

The little extra: the school is very involved with the local communities, their values extend beyond surfing. Giving back to the communities, sharing, respecting nature and behaving ethically are some of the values they try to deliver during their training. Hence the unique name of environmental surfing.

Strong points

ASI diploma course
Intensive training by certified instructors
Discovery of the best surf spots in Bali
Listening and committed team