Canary Islands FAQs

Canary Islands FAQs

Canary Islands FAQs

Tenerife has 2 international airports (TFN in the north and TFS in the south). We offer pickups from Tenerife South Airport only.

So please make your arrangements to arrive at TFS airport.

The visa you need for this program is a tourist visa. Many countries do not require a visa to enter Tenerife (part of Spain). Check with the immigration authorities of the countries you intend to visit or visit for advice and information on visa applications.

You will have access to long distance communications during the program, but make sure your friends and family know how often they can expect to hear from you. Local SIM cards and credit cards can be bought affordably in Tenerife and the signal is good in most areas. Contact your mobile/cellular carrier for more information before your trip if you want to use your overseas provider. The base is also equipped with WiFi.

For breakfast it will be continental. It consists of a choice of cereals, bread (toast), jams, fruit, coffee, tea, etc. A light lunch will be provided, usually cold, consisting of a sandwich or salad. There are many restaurants nearby if you want another meal, at your own expense. For the evening, it’s up to you to cook!

Washing machines are available on site, along with detergent.

In the Canary Islands, the euro is used, since these islands are part of the euro zone.

Participants typically spend around €60 per week on off-base meals, transport, drinks, internet use, excursions, but you can spend more if you participate in more expensive activities like scuba diving .

You can also go horseback riding, climbing or canyoning in the surroundings, as well as water activities such as kitesurfing, surfing, diving, kayaking…