Sri Lankan FAQs

Sri Lankan FAQs

Sri Lankan FAQs

Since 2012, a visa is required to travel to Sri Lanka. The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) can easily be obtained online, in a short time. From 2022 all visitors in Sri Lanka can apply for a 180-day visa in one stretch through the regular ETA website ( The visa fee for this is USD 50 (no fee for children under 12 years of age). Please refer to the following for visa fees: Further, on-arrival visa in Colombo airport is also available for vast majority of countries and the cost for that is USD 60. Please note only a 30-day visa will be granted on arrival, as the 180-day visa can only be obtained online from the above site. Your passport must be valid 6 months after your return date to your home country.

Our projects are available all year round, and all seasons are pleasant to live in! The climate is tropical, but the weather is not the same during the dry period as during the rainy season. The off-season periods correspond to May-June and September-October, these are also the periods when tourists are less numerous.

Since 2009, the war has ended in Sri Lanka. The economy has since been relatively developed in the tourism sector, and the country welcomes a large number of foreigners every year. However, we recommend that you take care with your belongings, as in many countries or cities, when you are in the middle of a crowd or during religious ceremonies. In hotels, do not leave your valuables visible to avoid tempting the service teams.

We advise you to visit the Institut Pasteur website, which provides up-to-date information on the compulsory and recommended vaccines and treatments in each country.

The national currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR or Rs). To give you an idea, 400 LKR corresponds to approximately 4€, so 1€ is worth 207 LKR. The easiest way is not to change your cash on site, but to withdraw directly from ATMs using your bank card.

Wifi is available for around €15 per month in your accommodation. Also count the 4h30 time difference in winter, and 3h30 in summer compared to France! We also advise you to buy a local SIM card when you arrive in the territory.

The languages spoken in the country are Tamil and Sinhalese, but many locals also speak English!

Life is half the price in Sri Lanka compared to France. For a local restaurant, simple, count less than 4€ to eat. A fast food menu costs on average €2.70. For bus tickets, a single journey corresponds to €.15.

To visit the numerous Buddhist temples, you must have your shoulders and knees covered. In the streets, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, ostentatious or too short. Respect the modesty of the inhabitants in Sri Lanka, similar to many countries in Asia.