Veterinary internship in a refuge in the Amazon
Veterinary internship in a refuge in the Amazon
Veterinary internship in a refuge in the Amazon

Useful information

This veterinary internship abroad takes place in an animal shelter located in the heart of the Amazonian forest in the vicinity of Puyo. The centre collects animals that have been abused, orphaned or rescued from illegal trade in Ecuador. This project offers participants a unique opportunity to work with experts while studying wild species from the Amazon rainforest. They will benefit throughout the project from in-depth monitoring by experienced specialists, who will assess their progress.

Bac pro CGEA
Scientific license
Prépa ATS
Veterinary school
Bachelor's/Master's degree in solidarity and sustainable development
Studies in the health field




Intermediate Spanish


Description of the program

University students must complete a certain number of hours in different areas to validate their veterinary internship abroad. The idea of the animal care placement is that they can spend their entire internship at the centre to gain experience with a local veterinarian and complete the required number of hours. Like all of our animal internship programs abroad , this project in Ecuador allows you to gain university credits while contributing to the protection of animals in the region.

The internship includes: placement on the mission, signature of the agreement with all the information required for the validation of the internship, follow-up by a professional veterinarian on site, intermediate evaluations, skills assessment and supervision on care acts.

foreign veterinary internship

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The veterinary internship in Ecuador is similar to a training course. Interns can be students or have a professional profile. They will be involved in veterinary care, biology, rehabilitation of species in their habitat, etc. Rehabilitation activities include accompanying animals during the adaptation phase, planning, support and monitoring of reintroduced species.

As part of the veterinary internship, the tasks are more scientific and the students participate in research activities in different fields. The intern should be studying an animal-related subject such as veterinary medicine, biology, animal science, or environmental engineering. This internship allows you to acquire professional experience with competent and qualified people.

During part of the veterinary internship abroad, the students will follow theoretical courses in the morning and be in a real professional situation in the afternoon.

At the end of the internship, the students obtain a certificate indicating that they have completed their professional practice at the center and of course the validation of the skills of their internship tutor and the signing of their agreement.


Most students of veterinary medicine or biology have focused their studies on domestic animals. The real contribution of the veterinary internship in Ecuador is the opportunity to study a wide variety of wild animals, such as eagles, whales, turtles, birds, owls, crocodiles, ocelots, etc.

Every year about 600 animals arrive at the refuge in the Amazon. It is an ideal place to carry out an animal internship.

The participants of the veterinary internship abroad work in several centres, including the rehabilitation centre to reintroduce the animals into their natural habitat and monitor the place where they will be released.

Host organization

Founded 15 years ago by a local family, this shelter is part of a large-scale initiative to combat wildlife trafficking and abuse in Ecuador. The sanctuary currently hosts 40 different species of animals: ocelots, tayras, capybaras, parrots, monkeys and caimans among others.
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Strong points

Participate in the protection of wild animals
Live in the heart of the Amazon rainforest throughout the project
Assist caregivers in daily activities
Contribute to the development of the shelter with your initiative

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