Environmental internship in the Seychelles
Environmental internship in the Seychelles
Environmental internship in the Seychelles

Useful information

Participate in a project to protect the environment by conserving the flora in the Seychelles. Join a team of international volunteers, interns, staff and partners in a short-term project management and environmental internship to help in important conservation projects. While working among the abundant flora and fauna, you will experience island life, surrounded by the azure waters of the marine park.

BSc in Environmental Studies
Associate's Degree in Health, Sciences, Environment, etc.
Engineering school
Business school
Bachelor's/Master's degree in community and sustainable development
Associate's Degree in Biological Engineering


Curieuse Island


English Intermediate


Description of the program

If you're looking to learn more about conservation, contribute to a meaningful project, and spend time in an incredible place, check out this project! In fact, you need look no further for a management internship in the environment.

gap year after a master's

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You will receive a comprehensive training that will give you the opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of activities that will impact your future career. As with all of our environmental internship programs, the environmental conservation project in the Seychelles allows students to complete their year while having a positive and lasting impact on the region's ecosystem.

This project is one of our 'academic' internships:

It includes a more in-depth follow-up with a theoretical part that adds to the practical experience in the field. In addition to receiving the necessary ECTS credits to validate your year, at the end of the program you will obtain an international certification recognised and delivered by the University of Richmond, in the United States. You will have two online course modules to complete before the field mission, in order to prepare you for the project. During but also after the internship, you will benefit from professional support: a specialised internship supervisor will monitor your work and give you a final evaluation, and you will benefit from access to a portal of job offers in NGOs as well as a recommendation from your internship supervisor on LinkedIn.

Take a closer look at the specifics of this internship as an academic program, and sign up to start a sustainable career via an approved internship!

Key advantages

- Snorkel in crystal clear waters alongside corals, fish, turtles, eagle rays and reef sharks, and watch dolphins from the boat.

- Discover the island's incredible wildlife: watch a hawksbill turtle crawl out of the sea to lay its eggs, help sea turtles hatch and begin their journey to the sea, or release a baby shark after taking vital measurements.

- Gain hands-on experience, skills and unbeatable qualifications in the field that will help boost your future career, whether in the conservation field or not.

- Get exclusive team management training approved by the internationally recognised Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

- Hike in the hills to see a breathtaking view of the bay.

Missions in the Seychelles

You will be able to work with endangered sea turtles nesting on the island, study the nesting success of hawksbill and green turtles, collect data such as tag counts, shell measurements, and number of eggs laid, or conduct excavations to measure the proper placement of hatching nests. You will also be able to help us monitor sickle cell sharks for our catch and release project, gathering information on the population and growth rate of this understudied species.

Or participate in recording the rate of coastal erosion through our beach profiling surveys, collecting data on palm growth and reproduction, our annual census of the island's Aldabra giant tortoise population and hatchlings in the nursery.

Our monitoring program and work schedules change seasonally, the projects available will depend on the time of year you choose. As an intern, you will rotate between different projects, which will provide you with a wide range of skills and work experience for your future career.

The Environmental Management Internship offer encourages participants to develop their own ideas and introduce new aspects to help them further contribute to the conservation of an incredible species. Interns will be given specific leadership responsibilities as well as weekly assignments and evaluation by their mentors, who will monitor their progress throughout their time at the centre.

Host organization

Founded in 1997, our partner organisation coordinates projects around the world.
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It employs 150 permanent staff in its local branches, which have already welcomed more than 20,000 volunteers in the field. It works closely with local organisations on long-term projects. They work only under the supervision of the community leaders and at their request.

Sustainable solutions, minimum impact on the environment

- Creating sustainable solutions to support self-sustaining communities.

- Ensuring access to clean water sources.

- Developing micro-enterprises around food, with a particular focus on education and agriculture.

- Supporting local schools with school supplies.

- Providing expertise and ideas on energy and electricity issues.

- Implementation of studies and educational programs on the marine environment.

Partner organisation member of the United Nations

Our partner organisation sits on the United Nations International Commission on Sustainable Tourism. All their initiatives and volunteer projects are led by experts in collaboration with the local population and national governments.

As a non-profit organisation, our conservation project is completely transparent. Volunteer contributions are used to cover on-reserve project planning (reconnaissance, team recruitment and logistical support), direct field costs (transportation, lodging, staff meals) and finally to support the project itself. Without the physical and financial help of volunteers, this project would not have been possible.


Strong points

Swim in crystal clear waters and watch dolphins
Gain unbeatable hands-on experience, skills and qualifications in the field
Get an exclusive management training

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