Community Internship in Fiji
Community Internship in Fiji
Community Internship in Fiji

Useful information

Gain university credits on your humanitarian internship abroad and get professional experience with children in a rural school. Assist the local teachers, lead various educational workshops and share your experience with these children. Through numerous exchanges, discover what they, and Fijian culture, have to offer you! This internship offers you a real international experience, which will bring you many skills and other advantages for your future career.

Master MEF
Licence adapted to the MEF master
Bachelor's degree in political science
Engineering school (ISTOM)
Master in solidarity and sustainable development
School of management




Intermediate English


Description of the program

Discover the exotic islands of Fiji and support teachers in local schools by participating in this humanitarian internship. Your mission is to help them teach through academic support, games and educational activities. The goal of this internship is to improve teachers' skills and increase children's chances of success. As with all of our humanitarian internship programs, the Fiji project allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and lasting impact on the local community.

humanitarian internship abroad

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Participants will work in two schools in Dawasamu: Navunisea Primary School and Dawasamu Primary School. We focus on improving English language comprehension and creativity during Art and P.E. classes. We also sometimes attend other lessons and participate in extracurricular activities.


This project is one of our 'academic' internships:

It includes a more in-depth follow-up with a theoretical part that adds to the practical experience in the field. In addition to receiving the necessary ECTS credits to validate your year, at the end of the program you will obtain an international certification recognised and delivered by the University of Richmond, in the United States. You will have two online course modules to complete before the field mission, to prepare you for the project. During but also after the internship, you will benefit from professional support: a specialised internship supervisor will monitor your work and give you a final evaluation, and you will benefit from access to a portal of job offers in NGOs as well as a recommendation from your internship supervisor on LinkedIn.

Take a closer look at the specifics of this internship as an academic program, and sign up to start a sustainable career via an approved internship!


Highlights of the Fiji education internship

This program is a total immersion in the Fijian culture. It is first and foremost a collaborative project with Fijian communities and a development goal with children who suffer from low quality education. Your mission in several points:

- Participate in varied, interactive and fun educational methods

- Work in an idyllic setting

- Total immersion in the Fijian culture

- Help children, teenagers and young adults build their future.

- Immersion in the sumptuous forests, traditional villages and mountainous landscapes.


Internship in Fiji: education projects

- Daycare and kindergarten.

- Elementary school: reading, tutoring, sports activities...

- Activities during school vacations.

- Development of the school environment.

The assignment depends on the skills and profile of the participants. A telephone interview and an application (CV and cover letter) will determine the placement of the volunteers on educational projects ranging from childcare to the organisation of extracurricular activities and tutoring / assistance in schools for those with the most training.


What we have achieved with the children in Fiji

- Extensive speaking and comprehension support for elementary school students.

- Supported teachers in assessing student reading levels and providing individualised support.

- Provided many additional resources for teaching.

- Introduction to new teaching techniques.


Internship with women in Fiji

In Fiji, the majority of the population lives in rural areas on the two main islands. These regions are typically patriarchal: women are generally treated as inferior to men.

The local culture does not consider women as "breadwinners". As a result, their opportunities to access resources and economic self-sufficiency are limited. With 31% of the Fijian population living in poverty, women's education has become essential. An additional year of primary education can increase a girl's income by 10-20%, and by 15-25% with an additional year of high school.

Only 9% of the seats in the Fijian parliament are held by women. We hope that by giving them a voice, we will encourage them to be heard in the decision making process in their communities.

For these women, access to equal opportunities means entering the labour market and becoming more active. By giving them this opportunity, families could access two incomes and community poverty could decrease.

Participants of the humanitarian internship abroad will have the opportunity to contribute to the following projects:

- Provide access to education and literacy for women.

- Facilitate thematic workshops such as "how to generate alternative income".

- Educate Fijian women on various health topics such as prenatal care.

- Provide additional academic support to young girls in local schools.

Host organization

Founded in 1997, our partner organisation coordinates projects around the world. It employs 150 permanent staff in its local branches.
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In Fiji, they work closely with local organisations on long-term projects. They work only under the supervision of the community leaders and at their request.

Sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact

- Creating sustainable solutions to support self-sustaining communities.

- Ensuring access to clean water sources.

- Developing micro-enterprises around food, with a particular focus on education and agriculture.

- Supporting local schools with school supplies.

- Providing expertise and ideas on energy and electricity issues.

- Implementation of studies and educational programs on the marine environment.

Where does your money go?

A large part of your contribution is used to cover your accommodation, airport pick-up, meals, etc. Another part consists of a donation to the project to invest in equipment, qualified personnel, etc. And the rest is allocated to the administrative cost of recruiting volunteers.


Strong points

Educational methods
A beautiful setting
Total immersion
A positive impact on youth

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