Community development in Costa Rica
Community development in Costa Rica
Community development in Costa Rica

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Teach English to local communities in the town of Cimarrones, Costa Rica. If you are looking for a humanitarian internship, this program combines ECTS credits with the desire to make a lasting and positive impact in the region. The community project also contributes to the fourth Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations, seeking to ensure quality education. The region also offers magnificent landscapes, from mountains to national parks at the foot of volcanoes.

Master MEF
Bachelor's degree adapted to the MEF master
Bachelor's degree in political science
Business school
Engineering school (ISTOM)
Master in solidarity and sustainable development
Management school




Intermediate Spanish


Description of the program

The community outreach project in Costa Rica is a perfect fit for a humanitarian internship. Help teach English to the locals in the central region of the country. Our base is in the city of Cimarrones, and offers language classes directly in the classroom, as well as educational workshops to teach different essential concepts to the younger generation.

During your free time, it doesn't take long to get to the Turrialba volcano national park!

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You will teach children and students in the city of Cimarrones. As the region becomes increasingly popular with tourists who speak English, local children who also speak English have a real advantage in the professional world. Teaching English to locals provides them with future opportunities. Interning in this community project will also allow you to improve your Spanish by being in constant contact with the community. Like all of our humanitarian internship programs, the Costa Rica project allows you to gain university credits while making a positive and sustainable impact on the local community.



Depending on their age, children and students will also do all kinds of workshops and educational games that you will set up. This may include sports to increase gross motor skills, art, crafts and music to develop fine motor skills, and group activities such as games to develop certain social skills.



Host organization

Our organisation has been working in local communities in Costa Rica since 2011 and aims to help these communities develop and in particular to help the younger members of the community.
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Our organisation works in Cimarrones to support community and economic development, as well as educational initiatives. Our current partners include the Liceo Rural Nairi Awari High School, Escuela Las Brisas de Pacuarito and a local group of female entrepreneurs.


As such, the main UN Sustainable Development Goals for this project include #4, quality education and #5, gender equality.


Strong points

Gain teaching experience
Discover the pura vida lifestyle
Increase community environmental awareness
Improvement of Spanish

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