Nursing and medical internship in a hospital in Nepal
Nursing and medical internship in a hospital in Nepal

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Join a local team in a hospital in Kathmandu, and complete your IFSI liberal nursing internship abroad as part of your studies. You will be confronted with a wide audience, with patients coming from underprivileged families as well as more affluent ones. The diversity of services allows you to discover the functioning of the structure as a whole, as well as the health system in Nepal. Our local partner relies on the help of the trainees to ensure the smooth running of the hospitals in the capital. In addition to having a positive impact on communities, you will benefit from NGO experience in a professional environment abroad, which will provide you with practical skills through this field project.

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Description of the program

Since January 2015, several groups of student nurses have gone on humanitarian missions for their mandatory internship abroad. The IFSI liberal nursing internship in Kathmandu was indeed validated for the IFSI students. Like all of our nursing and medical internship programs abroad, this project in Nepal allows students to validate their year by acquiring field experience, while contributing to the goal of access to healthcare for all set by the United Nations.

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To find out about all the care situations and detailed information about the facilities, download the welcome booklet.

Information on the medical volunteer project in Nepal

The partner hospitals are located in the heart of Kathmandu. These facilities serve both middle-class patients and poorer families, often unable to afford medical care. The hospital is a multi-disciplinary center, and manages the following services

- Outpatient department

- Internal care service

- General Medicine

- Dental care

- ENT Department

- Orthopedic care

- Surgery

- Maternity

Role of the participants of the IFSI liberal nursing internship in Nepal

The main role of the interns is to assist the care staff, to accompany them in their daily tasks and to help them during busy periods. As there are often more patients than staff available, the need for staff is constant and the contribution of international students is valuable throughout the year.

Some examples of intern tasks:

- Assist caregivers in their daily tasks.

- Contribute to each patient's daily medical report.

- Participate in the distribution of meals.

- Implement diets for patients.

The hospital does not have state-of-the-art equipment, and staff resources are also limited. Under no circumstances will participants of the IFSI liberal nursing internship be allowed to work alone. They will always be paired with an on-site health care professional.

Host organization

At its creation, our organization was a travel agency specialized in the Asian continent.
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In 2002, new opportunities arose with the visit of Danish volunteers who helped set up a project in a nomadic community in Rajasthan. This was the beginning of the adventure. Since then, we have been hosting interns and volunteers in India and Nepal, and offering internship opportunities and training programs.

Strong points

Access to several hospital services
Share and exchange ideas with the community
Discover Nepal and its culture
Discover the health care system
Learn about common diseases and care
Positively impacting the community