Nursing and medical internship in the Philippines
Nursing and medical internship in the Philippines
Nursing and medical internship in the Philippines

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Do your nursing and medical internship in the Philippines helping in a local clinic. Your duties will vary depending on your qualifications, but you will specialise in order to best match the experience to your background. This is an international project in the world of work, within an NGO that relies on its trainees to ensure the smooth running of the region’s clinics. This medical internship in an NGO requires you to take the initiative and to be independent, which will only make this mission richer for you! You will be able to discover the native culture through your numerous exchanges with the locals, and you will also share your journey.

School of Nursing (IFSI)
Nursing Education
Studies in the field of health
Post-bac STI2S




English Intermediate


Description of the program

By participating in the nursing internship in the Philippines at a health clinic, you will help provide additional support to understaffed and underfunded clinics in rural areas outside of Tacloban. This volunteer project is ideal for volunteers seeking experience in the medical sector in the Philippines or who aspire to apply their professional and medical skills in a rewarding environment.

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As with all of our nursing and medical internship abroadthis project in the Philippines allows students to gain university credits while acquiring field experience and contributing to the UN's goal of universal access to healthcare.

Rural clinics are the main source of free primary medical care in the communities around Tacloban. These are the clinics we're talking about, where a single doctor and a handful of nurses are responsible for looking after a community of a hundred people with a limited number of resources at their disposal.

The clinics greatly need the services of professional medical volunteers and qualified students doing their nursing internship. Potential volunteers include physicians, nurses, health care aides, and medical and nursing students.

Duties will vary depending on individual qualifications and may include:

  • Conducting a medical assessment of patients
  • Obtaining their medical records
  • Administering vaccines
  • Assisting in a minor surgery
  • Assisting in procurement
  • Transmitting medical examinations
  • Attending prevention workshops and home visits in outlying areas


Initiative is one of the qualities required by the volunteers in order to integrate well in the project. Apart from the day-to-day activities in the clinics, you may be required to provide support to various other health-related projects, collect data for the Philippine Nutrition Project or conduct health awareness workshops to various community groups.

Why are medical volunteers needed in the Philippines?

Health professionals undoubtedly have a strong desire to help others. They work under stressful conditions, but they persevere because, as they see patients' conditions improve or remain the same, they know they are making a difference.

The health professionals in these rural clinics play a vital role in the lives of their patients. However, due to lack of funds and staff, they are unable to adequately meet the medical needs of the community. You will see for yourself how short-staffed they are and you will know from the very beginning that you are in a position to make a valuable contribution.
By volunteering on this medical internship, students embarking on a career in healthcare will be able to gain experience in their chosen fields. Experienced professionals will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills while learning about health conditions in a developing country. Several previous volunteers acknowledged that this nursing and medical internship was an eye-opening experience that not only gave them a new perspective on their profession but also on their own lives.

Host organization

The rural clinics are located about 1-2 hours from the accommodation and are accessible by minibus. The team is often composed of a doctor, one or two nurses on permanent contracts and a dentist.
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They also employ a few midwives and nurses on fixed-term contracts depending on local needs.

The clinics are open 24/7 but consultations often take place in the morning, in the afternoon there is not much activity. Services offered include general consultations, minor surgeries, immunisations, prenatal check-ups and deliveries, home visits and prevention workshops when possible.

Strong points

Support understaffed clinics
Professional experience in health care
Meet an international team
Discover the local culture

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