Nature guide training in Kenya
Nature guide training in Kenya

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Become a guide with the nature facilitator training, and go develop skills in the field within a nature reserve in Kenya! Join an international team and benefit from the follow-up of highly qualified local professionals. This immersive experience offers you real personal and professional development, while having a positive and lasting impact on ecosystems and different communities.

NGO Project Coordinator
Tour guide
Nature facilitator
Chargé de mission/environmental study
Protected site manager
Local developer


Masai Mara


Intermediate English


Description of the program

The reserve was founded in 2009 to work towards protecting the fragile ecosystem of the Mara Serengeti. The objective of the nature leader training is to improve the co-existence of humans and animals and to preserve the natural heritage through activities compatible with the local wildlife (land use, livestock, eco-tourism ...). The reserve now secures 6,000 hectares of grazing land, belonging to the resident community on the edge of the Grand Mara ecosystem. It has become a world-class wildlife viewing reserve.

nature facilitator training

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Like all of our training courses for working in the environment abroad , this project in Kenya allows you to benefit from complete learning while contributing to the preservation of the region's ecosystems.

The nature instructor training is for wildlife enthusiasts who want to make nature protection their profession. Participants will receive comprehensive training on the wildlife of the Mara Protected Area, learn wildlife tracking and identification techniques, study the Kenyan night sky, and learn about the functioning of the ecosystem.

While absorbing all there is to know about nature on field trips to the reserve, students will also learn to manage the tripartite relationships that exist between local communities, wildlife, and conservation efforts.

Included in the nature leader training

Nature and wildlife lessons:

- Introduction to ecology

- Animal tracking

- Bird watching and plant identification

- animal behavior

- Astronomy

Explore and discover the environmental challenges in Kenya

- Fauna living in cohabitation with communities, their livestock and crops

- Human/animal conflicts that compete for space and food

- Community schools within the Mara nature reserves

- Conservation models involving livestock in nature reserves

- The rhino sanctuary and the fight against poaching

Supervision, coordination and security

A supervisory team is present at the base camp and on each expedition to ensure the smooth running of the nature leader training program. Our staff is trained in leadership and safety and makes sure to train all students before each assignment. We organize a meeting at the end of each day to take stock of the objectives of the days to come.

All teams have driving licenses and are authorized to drive passengers. The staff is trained in first aid and is present 24 hours a day. An emergency number and specific instructions in case of an accident will be provided. All precautions are taken to ensure maximum safety and comfort for participants.

During the orientation session of the nature animator training, you will be shown around the surroundings of the project, you will be told exactly your weekly schedule and what is expected of you. You will also be introduced to the locations and the people you will work with on a daily basis.

Host organization

Our organization is the leading nature leader training organization in Africa. Since 1993, they have trained over 4000 people from all over the world.
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Nature leader trainings are offered throughout Africa, from South Africa to Gabon, and from Kenya to Namibia. Our partner organization is actively involved in working with local populations in Gabon, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Kenya. The objective: to develop skills to find jobs in the eco-tourism sector.

Certifications and Accreditations of the Training Organization:


- The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA)




Strong points

Obtain the FGASA nature guide certification
Discovering biodiversity in Kenya
Exchange with specialists
Dive into the heart of Maasai culture

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