Australia FAQs

Australia FAQs

Australia FAQs

You are not obliged to go through private insurance for a short stay, but this guarantees that you will obtain the necessary assistance in the event of a problem and health costs. We advise you to go through our partner, Chapka Assurance !

Travel time will vary mainly depending on your stopovers. At a minimum, expect a stopover for a 24-hour trip. At most, you can have between 2 and 3 stopovers extending the travel time to 35-40 hours. The price of the plane ticket will also depend on the duration!

The code to call a number in Australia from abroad is +61 (followed by the number).

In general, you can obtain your PVT visa in less than 48 hours. But it is possible that the delay is a little longer, if you have to do medical examinations for example. If you have not heard back and feel that the application has been made for a long time, log on to this site or contact Australian immigration for more information on the status of your visa.

The cost of living is relatively high in Australia. Do not expect to eat or activities cheaper than in France! Here are some equivalences: $20 for a movie ticket or to rent a paddle, $30 to visit an animal park… Various events, such as museums, barbecues, beaches, are free, however!

Australian cuisine is particularly rich, due to the size of the territory. Fruit is very present in the meals, and these are also based on multiculturalism. Historically, immigrants from Asia, Europe and even Africa and the Middle East have influenced traditional Australian dishes, hence the current diversity. The barbecue is a real institution in the country, you will surely have the chance to grill your meat, your fish and seafood!

On site, the currency used is the Australian dollar (AUD). You can convert your euros both in banks, exchange offices and in international airports. Compare conversion rates to get the best change! Find out about the commissions taken by the various intermediaries.