Canadian FAQs

Canadian FAQs

Canadian FAQs

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There must be at least 2 months between the time of your registration and the departure date for your program. The time required is particularly necessary to be sure of obtaining your visa!

The official currency used in the country since 1935 is the Canadian dollar. Once there, you can pay with your credit card, or change in Canadian dollars before your departure or when you arrive on site. International airports in particular have exchange offices. Exchange offices are also numerous within the territory, which can be the least expensive solution with lower exchange rates, due to the competition between the different offices!

In December 2021, 1 euro corresponds to 1.45 Canadian dollars. In general, life is as expensive as in Western European countries, but depending on the sector, goods or services can be more or less expensive. For housing, the price of real estate is similar to that of major French cities. For food, although fast food is slightly less expensive, fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables is more expensive. Count for a bus ticket between $1.95 and $2.85!

The fact of being registered in a higher education establishment allows you to accumulate a student job! Then you don’t need Working Holiday, pvt.

In Canada, the weather is said to be continental. Winter is harsh and lasts an average of 6 months. Spring, in April, lasts only a few weeks, before giving way to a mild summer first in June, with warm temperatures for July and August. Autumn is also an ideal season for travelling, with sunny and temperate days.