English course and wildlife project in Australia
English course and wildlife project in Australia
English course and wildlife project in Australia

Useful information

Take part in the care of the animals and the maintenance of the refuge in northern Australia (Queensland), after having followed English lessons for a month. Use your language skills and contribute to the animal protection of the region within this refuge. You will be constantly supervised and supervised by a team of professionals on site, who will share their experiences, knowledge and know-how with you. You will also have the opportunity to discover a new culture and new landscapes during your free time, from the first month of English lessons.

Improve your English
Become familiar with endemic animal species
Working in a team
Learn different preservation strategies




English Beginner

Description of the program

Take part in a gap year in English which will take place following 4 weeks of English lessons, in an animal park located in Port Douglas, 45 minutes from Cairns. This reserve gives you the opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Queensland where the Great Barrier Reef meets the rainforests.

The team of animal caretakers and professionals will be there to help you in your missions!

You will have to deal with the famous mammals of Australia such as Koalas, Kangaroos or Wallabies. The park also hosts different birds, reptiles and fish that you can discover during your volunteer program. Support our organization in the preservation of these animal species for which the country is famous.

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Like all of our programs for a gap year in English with animals , this project in Australia allows you to benefit from a professionalizing experience while having a positive and lasting impact on the ecosystems of the region.

The daily life of volunteers and interns at the center

Interns will be directly involved in the daily care of mammals and birds. Each animal, especially animals from recent rescues, needs special treatment, diet, and sometimes medical attention upon arrival at the shelter.

Note : This project can be physical in terms of day-to-day tasks. Working hours (variable): 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with 2 breaks of 30 minutes. From Monday to Friday.

- Preparation of meals for animals

- Cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures

- Collection and distribution of leaves for Koala

- Setting up exhibitions and presentations for visitors

- Identify and collect native plants

- Assist in the care of injured and orphaned animals

- Bring ideas to improve the living conditions of animals

- Construction and maintenance of nests and feeders

- Collection and sorting of data on threats to the preservation of species

Student internships, environmental and biology internships in Australia

The student internship program, often over the long term, allows you to do your internship on 2 sites: the main site in Port Douglas and a center for the protection of endemic fauna and flora of 40 hectares 30 minutes north of Cairns. The teams are also made up of specialists, environmentalists and animal caretakers to supervise the trainees throughout the year.

Host organization

The organization we work with in Australia is an NGO founded and is run by volunteers who are passionate about nature and animals.
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Alongside recognized organizations and professionals in the field, it is committed to the preservation of the environment and animal protection, but also to local communities.

How can you contribute?

In Australia, our NGO partners and animal shelters are private initiatives, they do not receive any government support and rely solely on private funding to purchase the necessary food, medicine and equipment for the animals. Without financial contribution and donations, animal shelters and care centers could not exist.

Strong points

Meal preparation and care assistance for animals
Collecting and sorting data on threats to species preservation
Construction and maintenance of nests and feeders
Intensive English courses the first month

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