Education project in Cape Verde
Education project in Cape Verde
Education project in Cape Verde

Useful information

Cape Verde is located off the coast of northwest Africa, it is a unique country made up of volcanic islands. It is also famous for its numerous beaches and its Afro-Portuguese Creole culture. It is a country where travelers feel safe.

Going to Cape Verde is an extraordinary experience, you can experience a new culture immersed in the local way of life in a breathtaking environment.


International experience
Animation and education with children
Improve your English




Intermediate English


Description of the program

If you are asking yourself the question: "How to take a gap year with an internship abroad ", we have a solution.

Like all of our humanitarian project programs . For the 42 children divided into the 3 kindergarten and primary classes, supervision and educational programs are provided by only 7 teachers, which explains the urgent need for volunteers. Cape Verde is unfortunately often affected by numerous droughts, which causes major economic and social problems. The school therefore plays an essential role in the education of children.

School starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The main role of the volunteers and interns is to assist the local teachers in their daily tasks with the children. People with experience (BAFA, education studies, etc.) and people fluent in Portuguese will be given additional responsibilities. All participants take lessons on site to learn a few words of Portuguese upon arrival.

gap year with internship abroad

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Some examples of missions to be carried out in Cape Verde:

  • Introduce children to numbers and the alphabet in English.
  • Facilitate group activities such as board games, modeling clay or coloring.
  • Create physical education and sports games.
  • Introduce children to colors, shapes and other cognitive exercises.
  • Learn popular songs as well as poems.
  • Share information, stories and anecdotes about your country of origin and your culture.
  • Keep an up-to-date file on the lessons you have given, in order to transmit your methods and content to future participants and to ensure continuity in the learning of children.

Host organization

Jason, his family and partners manage the project and make sure the volunteers are safe and comfortable at all times.
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They pick up the volunteers at the airport, drive them to the project and guide them throughout their stay.
Our local partners are always in a good mood! They are always available and ready to share tips on local restaurants and bars, things to do in your free time...they are also well connected and they will do their best to integrate you into the local community.
Jason divides his time between the local school and the volunteer house where his mother prepares delicious local meals. He can be reached 24/7 on his emergency line.

Strong points

Interaction with children
Intercultural exchange
Introducing children to English
Promotes multiculturalism and tolerance

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