Veterinary internship with horses in Argentina
Veterinary internship with horses in Argentina
Veterinary internship with horses in Argentina

Useful information

Since 2011, “The Horse Shelter” in Córdoba has been welcoming abandoned and abused animals. In Córdoba, it is very common for horses to be used to collect recyclable waste in the streets, such as cardboard and plastic, in order to sell them to recycling companies. This work is usually done by people who do not have enough money and/or education to feed and care for the horses. Most of them are malnourished and very sick. In this shelter, rescued horses are cared for and placed in environments that provide long-term welfare and care.

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Description of the program

The project strives to provide a healthy diet and veterinary care when necessary. Horses are exercised as needed and caretakers are trained to prepare them for adoption by carefully selected new owners.

The interns work with the staff to form a team to care for the horses on a daily basis. The work for the humanitarian veterinary internship begins with the examination of all horses, care, administration of medication if necessary, helping the veterinarian during treatments, grooming, maintenance of the grounds, etc.

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As with all of our animal internship programs abroad, this project allows you to gain university credits while making a real impact.. We maintain a healthy diet, veterinary care and farrier care. We seek to provide these horses with a dignified life. We use our training program to prepare them for the adoption of carefully selected new owners. The interns work with the staff to build a team to help care for our horses.

The work begins with checking the health of all the horses, feeding them, giving them medication if necessary, assisting the veterinarian during treatments, grooming, maintaining the ranch, etc.

Interns should be 18 years of age or older, they should be able tohelp for at least 1 week. We expect them to have the skills necessary for a successful international volunteering experience: Ability to adapt to a new environment/culture and genuine engagement with the host organisation.

Whether you are an enthusiast with many years of experience or you come with no experience and want to learn more, we will be happy to welcome you.

Host organization

The local NGO in Cordoba has strong values: positive and sustainable social impact that defies boundaries and unleashes the potential of cultural diversity through volunteer programs.
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The intercultural experiences within this equine internships abroad encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and into a learning zone, expand your world view, learn a new language, experience new emotions, enrich your perspective, change your habits, get to know other cultures, and go beyond your own limits.

Strong points

Join an international team
Work closely with horses
Personal development
Discover Argentina
Experience as a veterinarian specialising in horses

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