Internship with veterinarians in Portugal
Internship with veterinarians in Portugal

Useful information

Put your knowledge into practice with this veterinary internship in the heart of Portugal. You will work alongside professional veterinarians and carry out various assignments with local abandoned or abused animals. You will deepen your knowledge and gain international work experience, and contribute to species conservation through your positive and lasting impact on local animals. You will be permanently supervised by an internship supervisor who will evaluate and follow your progress throughout your project.

Bac pro CGEA
Prépa ATS
Veterinary school




Intermediate English

Description of the program

In this program, trainees can apply the skills they have learned in real clinical cases and contribute to the protection of abandoned and abused animals. The program is open to both veterinary students and licensed veterinarians; there will always be a technical supervisor at the internship site.

Like all of our animal internship programs abroad, this project in Portugal allows you to gain university credits while contributing to the conservation of the region's wildlife.

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Thus, this veterinary internship offer allows you to practice your skills and expand your knowledge, while creating an incredibly positive impact on the local community by contributing to the protection of animals on site.

Some examples of assignments:

- Follow-up and discuss clinical cases

- Follow-up and support during consultations

- Follow-up of soft tissue surgeries

- Assistance with treatments (blood collection, bandaging, fluid therapy, etc.)

Host organization

Our partner develops and supports volunteer missions and internship experiences in Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Rome.
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Founded in 2013, the association has hosted thousands of international volunteers of more than 60 nationalities who have contributed more than 50,000 hours in support of social and environmental nonprofits throughout the country.

Our local partners work closely with a network of more than 500 organisations to innovate and improve their ability to have a greater positive impact on the lives of the people they support and on the planet. To achieve this, they seek the expertise, technical knowledge, international perspectives and dedication of international interns.


Strong points

Put knowledge into practice
Participate in the conservation of animals
Be monitored and trained on a daily basis
Gain international work experience